Banks Beer, Jerk Chicken and the Stanley Cup

–         Dory Graae, Jason Holowachuk and I right after we finished the year at U of S

·     Richard White, Dory’s roommate, was from Barbados but hadn’t been home in 2 years

·         We were to meet Richard down there after he’d been home a few days but he met a girl in Toronto and missed his flight, somehow got her to buy him a new flight and eventually got there about 12 hours before us

·         We stayed a couple days at his parents farm in the centre of the island (pig and chicken farm)

·         Moved to a place a block from the beach – big 3 bdr house owned by his uncle, charged us $150 in total for nearly 3 weeks (just cleaning) partially because it was low season

·         Beach very windy – actually blew the hacky-sack around

·         Spent several nights at Bert’s Bar watching the Vancouver-NYR Stanley Cup finals (Bure, Messier)

·         Went boogie boarding on rough South coast

·         Visited the water spouts on north coast – I got swept off my feet, Dory grabbed me while I was trying to save my sandal

·         Jason was traumatized by white handprint sunburned onto his chest, and by us giving him a new nickname – Daiquiri-Boy

·         Their girlfriends called every night (Gina, Cheryl) – it’s possible Laynni forgot I was gone

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