Dean Johnston as ‘The Muffin Man’


Laynni Locke
Julie Hunter
Mike Hunter
Andie Johnston

and introducing Justin Blackwell as ‘Red Pitt’

That’s right, nothing.
You want to take a trip about nothing?
Absolutely nothing.
But we’d still do something?
No! We wouldn’t do anything.
Well, we’d have to do something.
Ok, so give me an example.
Reading. There’s the trip.
We’re going to do a trip about reading?
Sure. And sleeping.
We’re going to tell people about us sleeping.
That’s right.
You don’t know what you’re talking about.
Ah, what do you know?

Well, we’re back tomorrow but here are some random notes from our week in Cancun:

Laynni and Julie exercised every morning (cerebral psychosis? possibly.), even after the night they got so drunk that:

a) Laynni’s shrill yelling made small children scream and grown men weep (i.e. Mike)

b) During one of our many games of ‘Catch Phrase’ Julie actually managed to kick Mike in the face. In the bar.

Every morning we eagerly anticipated JB’s unveiling, breathlessly waiting to see not so much what areas he missed with the sunscreen the day before but rather what small parts of his body he actually managed NOT to burn.
‘Hey, good work, your armpits don’t look any worse today.’
‘Yeah, I know, thanks.’

Laynni claims she can drink anthing but tequila. Tequila makes her gag, it’s disgusting, she just can’t handle it. No tequila, no exceptions. After three full days of drinking ‘Sombreros’, (like, the best drink ever!) she finally asked what was in it. Cream, kahlua and……tequila.

Mike’s anger meter (hotter is NOT better):
Not having to work – nice and cool
Sitting on the beach – warming up
Unlimited beer – sweet, back down to room temp
Party games – uh oh, someone better turn on the fan
Dark, air-conditioned room – aah, that’s better
7 days of Laynni – hurry, somebody call 911

Having Andie and her ever-present camera here was nice in that it meant we didn’t really have to worry about taking many pictures. Unfortunately, she has this crazy habit of always taking pictures with people in them, usually doing stuff and having fun. Whatever. Laynni and I usually prefer taking large quantities of anonymous scenery shots, with maybe one or two close-up self-portraits thrown in as a bonus. Oh well. On the bright side, having her take a multitude of pictures in various locations while we drank our faces off did allow us to later re-create the evolution of me passing out, frame by frame, and with time stamps to mark my progress. So that was nice.


‘What did you do on your trip?’

‘Iiihh don’t know……..something AMAAAZZING I guess!’