Well, every team has officially had their shot to get some points for those important people in their lives, meaning those of us in World Cup Drafts. Brazil was disappointing again today (what is wrong with Oscar?) although I have to hand it to Mexico for full effort (i.e. plenty of reckless challenges). Belgium snuck through against Algeria although it was hardly a convincing start, and for 70 minutes Russia and South Korea did their best to challenge Argentina for hardest to watch soccer of the tourney until, of course, the Russian keeper discovered he had forgotten to wash his hands following his Greek salad brunch and the whole game exploded in a storm of bad passes and defensive miscues. Bring on the Russian comeback. And be thankful neither of them play again until Sunday.

Beckett still sits in the lead, which is unfortunate as he is pretty cocky at the best of times, although it is now only a half-share with Cuz Brad Bird, and with a lot of people hanging around just behind. Except for Angela, she’s still way back there.

Standings (Jun 17)


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