Impressive win for Colombia, more of the same for England. Chances, movement, posts, scuffed shots, it always felt like they were going to score, and they did, but it also always felt like they were moments away from getting brutally taken advantage of at the back (an awful feeling in all walks of life).

The Colombians are making people ask Radamel who? In fairness, people asked that before, too, but Ligue One fans will understand the significance at least. Fast, tricky, some strong vets at the back, I think these guys can beat whoever comes out of Group D.

As for England, everything has already been said many times before. Opportunities spurned, lack of cohesion on defence, sliced open by speed. At least this time you felt like they always had the speed and creativity to claw their way back, it just didn’t quite happen for them. Somehow, though, they still have a good chance if they can beat Costa Rica, and if they can’t well, just rewards, I’d say.

And Japan, well, what the hell? It’s simple math (11 vs 10), and physics (i.e. wide open nets), you’d think these would be the ideal Japanese principles. Nope.

Same leader, new top 5 thanks to a big jump from David Crosby being the only guy to have chosen Luis “Lovin the Teeth” Suarez and Uruguay. I’m sure we all agree that we hope that shitshow doesn’t last. But for now…

Standings (Jun 19)



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