Yikes, what happened to the big heavyweight battle of Group E? You know how everyone was skeptical when Switzerland was given one of the 8 seeds for the World Cup, meaning they would have an entire group based around them as one of the big boys of world football? And how we decided that if they were ranked that high, well, over half of us simply have to pick them in the draft? And then looked at their lineup and though, hey, I’ve heard of some of those guys? Then they had a dynamic comeback in their first game and we started thinking maybe these guys really are one of the top teams in the world? Yeah, they are not. They still have a good chance to make it through, though, thanks to enjoying such an easy group (they play Honduras in their last game).

France is sure looking impressive, though, obviously (with the exception of Benzema’s girlie cringe in the wall that allowed the first Swiss goal). Impressive for both their goal scoring prowess and amazing ability to shatter a man’s eye socket with nothing more than a hefty kick in the face. Costa Rica is also looking good and surprising everyone, the little fish nobody wanted in the draft. Already 6 points, already clinched a spot in the round of 16, and not one of us geniuses thought they were a more worthy pick than the powerful likes of Nigeria, Greece or, of course, Switzerland. They even managed to knock “mighty” England out of the World Cup 4 days before they actually step on the field against them. Quite a feat.

Meanwhile, in the draft young Beckett rode France and Benzema’s big day (which could have been a lot bigger if he hadn’t missed a penalty and had the final whistle go a fraction of a second before he scored again) back into the lead. Never a dull moment (unless Argentina is playing).

Standings (Jun 20)


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