Wild day in the World Cup. And not great for anyone who chose, for example, Germany and Bosnia. Like me. Exciting games, though. Except for Argentina again, obviously. It feels like that team has 6 strikers and not one guy who knows how to pass or find the open man. But they’ve still got Messi and you can play the best defense in the world but when he can curl them in unstoppable shots from well outside the box there really isn’t much you can do.

Jeff Humm was hounding me for more updates today and now I see why, he’s wormed his way up to second place behind our long-time leader, Beckett. Cam McQueen has creeped up into the top five for the first time as well, as sneakily dangerous as an infectious disease.

I honestly thought Germany looked really good today, particularly Ozil, but it just seemed like every time they split the defense someone would just get a toe in. Well-played defensively by Ghana, and pretty opportunistic at the other end. Not really the end of the world for Germany as you would expect them to handle the USA with their tournament on the line, as long as the broken face Muller suffered on the last play of the game doesn’t keep him out.

Bosnia and Dzeko got screwed by a phantom offside call on that first half disallowed goal, then he hit the post on the last play of the game, and could have scored about 7 more in between but obviously didn’t, an ugly combination of bad luck and bad finishing. But give Nigeria credit, they played hard and could have had more themselves. Considering it was apparently ridiculously hot and humid there this was a shockingly exciting game – 38 shots combined. But one too few for Bosnia, I guess. Oh yeah, shitty for Herzegovina, too, I suppose.

Standings (Jun 21)


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