This is going to be fairly brief for a number of reasons:

A) There were only two games today

B) I’m at the lake

C) I’ve been drinking for a number of hours

Some high drama from Brazil and Chile today. I think most expected a pretty good run from the Chileans but were it not for some poor finishing from Neymar and some bad luck they probably should have had it taken care of early on. But in the end Chile had the best chances to finish it at the death (that poor bastard that hit the crossbar then had his penalty saved probably won’t sleep again until sometime in October). Great game, and in the interests of the World Cup itself, probably best that Brazil is still around. Nothing like losing 250 million fans because Neymar can’t direct a header.

The other game had less drama but featured one of the more impressive individual performances so far. As if James Rodriguez’s 3 goals and 2 assists in the group stage (from midfield!) weren’t startling enough, he scored probably the goal of the tournament so far (a tight race between him and Van Persie’s flying looped header) that gave them the lead and seemed to stun Uruguay for a good half hour. His second was less dramatic but even more crushing for the Suarez-less Uruguayans, for whom Edinson Cavani seemed inexplicably futile. When that second goal went in if felt like it would take months for the Uruguayans to make it up.

Looking forward to Brazil-Colombia now. Based on today’s result it’s almost hard to call Brazil a favourite, let alone a sure thing.

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