Ecstatic and triumphant over the win, destroyed and demoralized by the loss of their talisman, best player and top underwear model. That is the story for the Brazilians today after putting in a strong performance in dispatching a difficult Colombian side then finding out Neymar is out for the rest of the World Cup with a broken vertebrae in his back. And on top of that, capitan Thiago Silva picked up his second yellow card and will be suspended for their semi-final match against Germany. Even though I still believe Silva is probably the best centre-back in the world, that card was as dumb as it gets. Running into the goalie while he’s carrying the ball and just about to kick it? Well worth getting yourself suspended. Either way, despite the fact I do have both Brazil and Neymar on one of my teams I also have Germany on my other team and have been hoping for them all along. And both of these developments help their cause considerably. A matchup worthy of the final in any case.

As for the Germans, they once again looked fairly unconvincing but simply won. Which is basically their m.o. They force other teams to play their game and then do it a little bit better than them. But I would have felt a lot better if Muller hadn’t whiffed on that platter handed to him by Ozil, followed by Schurrle putting it straight at the keeper with the entire net to aim at and no one around him. Guys like Pogba and Benzema had looked unstoppable against everyone else and Germany somehow made them invisible. That’s the underrated effect of guys like Schweinsteiger, Hummels and Lahm. Once again, can’t wait for that Germany-Brazil game.

Still holding down the top two spots but down to 2 picks left in one of them, and Scotty McCoy is sniffing around with 5 picks left. Gonna be an exciting finish.

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