The drama never ends in this World Cup. Was really looking forward to watching Arjen Robben weep like the little girl he plays like when they lost on penalties but, alas, no such luck. It’ll have to wait until Wednesday, I guess. Apparently the Uzbekistani referee (interesting choice, that, did Howard Webb have a prior engagement?) had not watched any prior tape on the Dutch. I mean, why would you, what with all the exciting fun things to do in Brazil 2014, like ignoring the biggest ongoing story of the tournament (diving), and hookers. Not much of a game for the first 100 minutes (not the first time we’ve said that lately), although it would have been a lot more boring if Navas hadn’t made several big saves off Van Persie.

Argentina find themselves in a very similar situation to Brazil now, getting the big win but losing one of their best players. Di Maria is the most definitely the straw that stirs the Argentine drink (while Messi is the honey-glazed doughnut that everyone else is fighting over). If he can’t play they truly become one-dimensional (with apologies to Higuain’s nice finish off a really fortunate deflection). But, lucky for them, so are the Dutch (Robben charges forward and a) passes to Van Persie, b) uses Van Persie as a decoy, or c) flails through the air like a rather unfortunate duck in the heat of hunting season. I don’t expect a classic game, but it’s bound to be dramatic and controversial.

With not a single upset through the last two rounds and all the players we drafted having taken a sabbatical from scoring the standings have tightened right up. Almost any result is possible next week. Looking forward to it.

Standings (Jul 5)


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