Canadian Thanksgiving, that is, which, unlike its much later American counterpart, is less about obscene levels of consumerism and sale searching as it is about eating and raking leaves (or shovelling snow, depending on the year). Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, and take a minute to spare a thought for those less fortunate – i.e. those with no TV to spend the day watching NFL football.

Still, despite that one minor detail, things down here are great, which is about as we’ve come to expect and it seems that every time we come down now we spend even more time just revelling in our place and taking longer to get bored and venture out. I have eaten out just twice, and Laynni just once (after our usual hike to Jaibalito last weekend). I have been playing soccer every few days in San Juan, though, which has kept me focused on getting my lungs altitude-worthy (not quite there yet). Still good at drinking beer after, though. Had a tough loss yesterday to a big rival behind us in the playoff race, down 2-1 with about 15 minutes left and pressing, then one of our guys accidentally (I assume) scored on our own goal, then about a minute later one of our defenders kind of lost it, chopped a guy down for a penalty and got sent off. Now 4-1 and down to 10 men and that was that.

Still been swimming nearly every day, although the past few days it has been strangely windy in the mornings making us miss those glassy calm mornings of the first week (oh, the hardships). Had a big BBQ for one of the other guest’s birthday the other day which was pretty fun. Tons of food, quite a bit of booze, and enough Americans around to make sure English won majority vote on language for the night. Well, that’s about all for now, time to get back to the three R’s of Guatemala – reading, riting and relaxing…

Next time: an in-depth discussion on fried tortillas.