Blood Moon

Yeah, I understand this isn’t exactly topical since the lunar eclipse happened, what, 2 weeks ago now? Still, it sounded like it would be pretty cool even though, unfortunately, the main part of it was going to take place around 4 am here in Guatemala. So I set my alarm, got up despite Laynni’s irritated grumbling, pulled on my afternoon t-shirt and my odd-numbered days shorts and headed out to witness this rare phenomenon. But I couldn’t see past the trees so I had to walk up the hill a ways, but then I realized it was pretty cloudy and I couldn’t see anything really, then it started raining a bit, then Diego’s dog noticed me and started barking, probably wondering what I was up to at that time of the night, so I started to head back down, which then set off the neighbour’s dog, then the neighbour of that neighbour’s dog, then they all got really into it at that point, and eventually I just hurried back down the stairs and snuck back inside. The dogs, though, they kept barking for quite some time. Which set off the rooster, too, which sucked for everyone, I assure you. So I went back to bed, put in my ear plugs and just lay there hoping nobody realized it was me that caused all the commotion. So as far as the blood moon goes, I’d say I could take it or leave it.



Fried Tortillas

As promised, I just wanted to say how excited we are to be back in Guatemala eating fried tortillas every day for lunch again. Not just tortillas, of course, since you can buy about 30 for a dollar and even for us that seems unnecessarily frugal. No, Laynni fries up a handful of little tortillas (about the size of your palm, but thinner, maybe more like an adolescent kneecap) then slathers them with refried beans, dollops on some spicy salsa, sprinkles on some nicely grated cheese and suddenly you’ve got yourself a plateful of fried/refried goodness. Of course, she tends to ruin it a bit by forcing me to also ingest such barely edible roughage as cucumbers, carrots and green beans (the beans, though, are generally fried in butter so they’re going to get a pass for now). I can also live with the strawberries. Where we run into real trouble is when she tries sneaking broccoli and cauliflower into our suppers. I don’t care what anybody says, I think just fried rice and spicy sausage can still comfortably be considered a “stir fry” without being fancied up by a bunch of oddly shaped vegetables.


It only took a few days to rid the place of giant spiders this time around, what with all the extensive experience I have gained in that area in the past, you know, by killing spiders. I’m really quite good at it these days. Now all we have left, visible at least, is one lonely fellow quietly biding his time up near the roof right above the front window. We kept our eyes on him for a few days just to see how he would react, and also because he was just out of reach of me and my favourite fly swatter and I really didn’t feel like dragging a chair all the way over to stand on. Anyway, what we’ve discovered is that unlike his compatriots, who often did foolish things like scurry out from behind doors right when I was least expecting it, or suddenly appear behind pairs of socks in a way that tightened my scrotum in an uncomfortable manner, this well-behaved specimen really just sat there. All the time. Never moves. At least not when we’re watching. Sometimes we see him a couple feet one way or the other, so he must get there somehow, but I have yet to see it happen so who knows how he’s doing it. Magic, probably. Either way, it got us to thinking more about these strange spiders and how they don’t spin webs and how they, apparently, barely even move, and although we assume they must feed on insects (a. because that’s what spiders do, and b. because none of my Chips Ahoy have gone missing yet) I can’t imagine how. Do they just wait for them to fly into their mouths? Or does he have a partner spider who does all the work and just brings him food occasionally while he types drivel and posts it on the internet? Hard to say, but rest assured, I’m on it and will keep you posted.