For those interested in such things I have recently finished adding old blog entries and photos to this site – everything from our trips to the Middle East in 2008, SE Asia in 2008 and South America in 2009.

As far what comes next, after a quiet summer from a travel perspective (Laynni recently enjoyed a raucous girls’ weekend in Canmore but declined to write about it, or share photos) in a couple days we fly to Mongolia to start a fairly hectic but hopefully amazing 3 1/2 months in Asia. After a few weeks of trekking, horses and the Gobi desert we’ll be making a brief stop in Beijing, a place I’ve heard has this semi-interesting and really large wall, then it’s back to Nepal for a 3rd time. Everest Base Camp, your time has finally come. And we are well-stocked with Hot Shots to prove it. From there it’s Bhutan, where we will do even more high altitude trekking, this time in a place where they measure something called Gross National Happiness, where television only arrived in 1999 and smoking has been illegal nationwide since 2010. We’re anticipating a unique experience, to say the least.

Then we suspect that shivering in our merino wool clothing and down sleeping bags will have begun to grow tiresome, so we have a nice few week stretch planned in Southern Thailand, completely vegging out on a couple of their fabulously lazy islands. Throw in a couple stops in Bangkok, a short foray into the ancient and controversial kingdom of Myanmar nee Burma, a few presumably terrific days visiting old friends in Hong Kong, and voila, back home for xmas. Sounds easy enough, wouldn’t you say.

Next up – stories of awe and discomfort in Mongolia. Can’t wait.