In Roam: The 9 Greatest Trips on Earth, I finally give my definitive answer to the question “What is your favourite place?” In fact, I have written up an entire list of the best trips we have ever done, all of which can be experienced in two weeks or less. Stories and anecdotes, of course, but also a few things readers of my blog will be less familiar with – details, logistics and advice. Useful information? Hard to believe, I know. Don’t worry, though, there are still plenty of questionable jokes and unsolicited opinions on food and travel hats.

Free copy in exchange for a review!

Ebooks are now available online at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords if you click on the photo or choose the “Roam” page off the Books menu. As much as I will appreciate anyone who decides to buy a copy and helps me move up the sales rankings boards, online reviews still have the greatest impact on the long-term success of an ebook. So for anyone willing to commit to writing a review (good or bad or in-between), I will happily send you a free copy to get started. Just email me at with your preferred ebook format (ePub, Mobi or PDF), and which site (or sites) you will be posting the review and I will send you a copy.

It has been a long road to the finish line of my latest project but it is finally ready nearly two months after originally planned and I hope you will find it worth the wait. Thanks for following my blog, and I appreciate all your support.