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Saint Christopher of the Houses

Adios, lake. Bienvenidos, city life. Having had an entire day to make our way to Xela, we opted to go the piecemeal public transport route, leading to a journey that went a little something like this: Tuk tuk, pickup truck, minivan, chicken bus, second chicken bus, taxi. All of which still only took a total […]

2018 Atitlán Recap

Weekly blogs have become a thing of the past while in Guatemala, as you’ve probably noticed by now. For the same reason I don’t bother writing much when we’re back in SK, Lake Atitlán has become our de facto second home, and our daily and weekly routines so commonplace (at least to us) that they […]

2nd Annual Pasaj-Cathlon

Drinking, games, and some rather lewd gestures which may cause me trauma for some time (watch closely for suggestive sexual content around the 5-minute mark). Laynni was the organizer (not surprisingly) and chief instigator behind all the jello shots. Andree graciously shot almost all the videos and most of the photos. This is what happens […]

Birds of a Feather Author Interview with, well, me

I was recently given the opportunity to offer up all my questionable opinions on travel, travel writing, self-publishing and my “role” in all this. Check it out, or even if you feel like you’ve had your fill of my thoughts at this point, there is a lot of other interesting stuff on the Birds of […]

Our 10-Year Travel Anniversary!

On March 1st, 2008 we boarded a plane headed to Cairo, Egypt, the very first stop on our questionable new journey as “people without real jobs”. The original idea was for a 3-5 year pre-midlife crisis sojourn away from the real world, but here we are, exactly 10 years later, still just as shiftless and […]

My latest book – now online!

In Roam: The 9 Greatest Trips on Earth, I finally give my definitive answer to the question “What is your favourite place?” In fact, I have written up an entire list of the best trips we have ever done, all of which can be experienced in two weeks or less. Stories and anecdotes, of course, but also […]

Volcán Santiaguito

Road trip time! Or at least it was, like, three weeks ago. Hey, I never promised these entries would be prompt. Or if I did, I lied. Either way, in late January we decided to piggyback onto a brief excursion by some of our fellow Pasajcappers to check out the active volcano of Santiaguito, organized […]

Volcan Atitlán

Visit number eight. That’s right, this is the eighth time we have ventured down to Guatemala and settled into our “white studio with a view”, and the arrival at Lake Atitlán into the welcoming arms of the looming volcanoes is still just as exciting as the very first time. Maybe more so now, as we […]

Hiking on La Gomera

After a terrific month on Tenerife, where we did a fair bit of hiking, for some reason we upped the activity quotient even further for our last 10 days in Europe, hitting the nearby island of La Gomera, which is even more famous for its nature trails. In addition to a steeply sloped terrain leading […]

The Camino de Santiago in 3 Minutes

Our entire hike, condensed into a manageable 3 minutes of video clips. Some of the magic, none of the pain! I had hoped to have this ready right after we finished hiking but the small netbook we had taken on this trip simply wasn’t up to the task. Better late than never, here is a […]