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100 Festive Birthday Cake Captions

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Of all the cakes, birthday cakes have the most meaning. So once you have those perfect birthday cake photos and are ready to share them, you’ll need the perfect birthday cake captions to go with them. Not to worry, we have you covered with this list of the best birthday cake captions for Instagram.

We have also included the best birthday cake quotes for Instagram for when someone else has said it best first.

And the list wouldn’t be complete without some funny birthday cake captions to make people smile.

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Birthday Cake Captions

Here are some of our favorite birthday cake captions.

  • A birthday can never have too much cake.
  • Birthday cake is the answer. Who cares what the question is?
  • All you need is love. And also, birthday
  • I couldn’t find a candle holder, so I bought a birthday cake.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy birthday cake. And that’s pretty much the same thing.
  • A birthday cake is like a present you can eat, and who doesn’t love presents?
  • Growing up is optional, but birthday cake is mandatory.
  • Cake is like a best friend – it’s always there for you, no matter how old you are.
  • Let’s eat birthday cake and pretend we’re not getting older.
  • It’s not a party until someone brings out the birthday cake.
  • I may be another year older, but at least I have this cake to console me.
  • Another year of wisdom, wrinkles, and cake. But mostly cake.
  • Another year older, but my cake game is forever strong.
Cupcakes with birthday cake captions
  • Growing older is like eating birthday cake – it’s messy, it’s indulgent, and it’s worth it.
  • You know what they say: eat birthday cake now, deal with the consequences later.
  • Another year, another delicious cake! Let’s celebrate!
  • The only thing better than a slice of birthday cake is a second slice of birthday cake.
  • I’m not saying this birthday cake is a masterpiece, but it definitely deserves a spot in a museum.
  • This birthday cake is so good, it’s worth every calorie. And I’m not even counting.
  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of birthday cake, with a side of sass.
Cake with first birthday puns
  • A slice of cake, a smile on my face, and a wish for another amazing year!
  • Growing older is like eating cake – you can’t avoid it, so you might as well enjoy it.
  • Keep calm and eat cake.
  • Age is just a number, but my love for cake is infinite.
  • I don’t always have birthdays, but when I do, I eat cake.
  • It’s not just a birthday cake – it’s a work of art.

Funny Birthday Cake Captions

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  • Happiness is eating leftover birthday cake.
  • This cake’s been sprinkled with love.
  • If eating birthday cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  • Sometimes you need to eat birthday cake and get over it.
  • Cake is the only reason I get excited about birthdays.
  • Growing up is overrated. Eating birthday cake, on the other hand, is not.
  • Life is like a slice of birthday cake – it’s sweet, indulgent, and something to savor with every bite.
  • They say laughter is the best medicine, but I say birthday cake is a close second.
  • Another year, another excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Don’t judge me.
Chocolake cake with funny birthday cake captions
  • Age is just a number, but birthday cake is a universal language.
  • Cake, cake, and more cake – that’s my kind of birthday!
  • I didn’t choose the cake life, the cake life chose me.
  • Another year, another reason to indulge in a little slice of heaven. Or four.
  • If you don’t take a selfie with your birthday cake, did you even really celebrate?
  • I can’t keep calm, it’s my birthday and there’s cake involved.
  • My philosophy on birthdays: more cake, less problems.
  • Today, I’m one year older and one slice of cake happier!
  • One cake, one birthday, one special day to remember forever!
  • It’s my birthday, and I’ll eat cake if I want to. And I want to. So there.
  • Cake is the best accessory for any birthday outfit.
Cake with funny birthday cake messages
  • This cake is so good, I may just have to have another birthday next week.
  • My birthday is not just a celebration, it’s a cake-ation!
  • I’m not getting older, I’m just increasing in value. And the cake helps.
  • I may be older, but at least I can still eat cake like a kid. And this cake is worth every bite.
  • So what if it’s not my birthday?
  • Some people count their age in years. I count mine in cake slices.
  • Age is just a number, but this birthday cake is a state of mind.
  • Birthday wishes come true when there’s cake involved.
  • Cake is like a warm hug from the inside out.

Birthday Cake Instagram Captions

Your followers will love these birthday cake captions for Instagram. Find your favorite birthday cake Instagram captions below!

  • I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.
  • Happiness is knowing there‘s birthday cake later.
  • I’m so happy to have all my friends around, that I’m in tiers.
  • My birthday cake brings all the boys to the yard.
  • How do I like my eggs? In a birthday cake, duh.
  • You can have your birthday cake and eat it too.
  • Another year, another excuse to eat cake like it’s my job.
  • Cake may be sweet, but the memories it creates are even sweeter.
  • Life‘s too short to say no to a birthday cake.
  • Life is short, but my birthday cake is tall.
Cake with birthday cake Instagram captions
  • I’d love to stop eating cake, but I’m not a quitter. Happy birthday to me!
  • I’m not getting older, I’m just increasing my birthday cake intake.
  • Life is uncertain, but cake is a sure thing. Happy Birthday to me!
  • Life is short, but birthday cake makes it sweeter.
  • I may be getting older, but at least I can still eat cake like a kid.
  • Why age gracefully when you can eat cake recklessly?
Layered cake with cake captions for Instagram
  • If eating birthday cake were a superpower, I’d be a superhero by now.
  • I’m not getting older, I’m just getting better at eating cake.
  • More cake, more birthdays, more reasons to celebrate!
  • Let’s eat cake and celebrate another year of life, love, and laughter!
  • I’m not saying I’m the queen of birthdays, but this cake definitely makes me feel like royalty.
  • I never met a cake I didn’t like. Especially on my birthday.
Chocolate cake with cake captions
  • Let them eat cake, said someone who clearly never had this one.
  • Growing older may be scary, but cake is always there to comfort you
  • Age is just a number, but cake is a feeling. And right now, I’m feeling pretty sweet.
  • Another year of blessings, memories, and cake. But mostly cake.
  • Another year wiser, another cake to eat. It’s a win-win.
  • You, me and cake.
  • Aging is inevitable, but birthday cake is forever.
  • Cake is the answer to every birthday question.
  • Birthdays are the perfect excuse to indulge in cake. As if we needed an excuse.

Short Captions About Birthday Cakes

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  • Slice, slice, baby.
  • I want more birthday cake.
  • It’s a piece of birthday cake.
  • Have an eggcellent birthday.
  • Birthday cake calories don’t count.
  • You‘re the icing on my birthday cake.
  • It‘s someone‘s birthday somewhere.
  • Sprinkling you with birthday wishes.
  • Cake + Birthday = Perfect equation!
  • I whale always love birthday cake.
  • Let them eat birthday cake.
Cake with short captions about birthday cakes
  • Sweetest birthday ever!
  • Icing for joy when I see birthday cake.
  • Bring on the birthday cake!
  • Cake is my happy place.
  • A slice of heaven on my birthday!
  • This cake is making me feel young again.
  • Cake is always a good idea.
  • Love at first bite.
Chocolate cake with short captions about cake
  • There’s always room for cake.
  • Crazy for birthday cakes!
  • Babycakes.
  • I whale always love cake.
  • Live. Love. Cake
  • My birthday wish? More cake, please!

Birthday Cake Quotes for Instagram

Here are our favorite birthday cake quotes for Instagram. You can check out our full list of Birthday Cake Quotes as well.

“Birthdays are a great time to stop and appreciate gravity. Sure, it makes things sag as you get older, but it also keeps your cake from flying all over the room, so you don’t have to chase it.” – Greg Tamblyn

“If eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” — Lorelai Gilmore

“I like birthday cake. It’s so symbolic. It’s a tempting symbol to load with something more complicated than just ‘Happy birthday!’ because it’s this emblem of childhood and a happy day.” — Aimee Bender

“Put candles in a cake, it’s a birthday cake. Put candles in a pie, and somebody’s drunk in the kitchen.” – Jim Gaffigan

“If life is a birthday cake let my face be smeared with its icing of cognac and kindness.” – Aberjhani

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.” — Edward Morykwas

Birthday cake with quotes for 40th birthday cake by Morykwas

“Why is a birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece?” – Bobby Kelton

“Celebration is life’s frosting: isn’t frosting the very best part of the cake?” – Bethenny Frankel

“You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like, ‘See if you can blow this out.’” — Jerry Seinfeld

“I want to be the girl with the most cake.” – Courtney Love

“For me, almost always, the answer was cake.” – Diana Abu- Jaber

“I don’t want to die tomorrow knowing I could’ve had a piece of cake tonight.” – Gabriel Iglesias

“When the candles on your cake burn down before they are all lit you know you are getting up there.” – Catherine Pulsifer

Cake with sparkler and cute cake quotes for birthdays by Pulsifer

“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.” — Buddy Valastro

“Cake, cake, cake, cake.” — Rihanna, “Birthday Cake”

“Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake.” – Dean Koontz

So that is our list of Instagram Quotes for Birthday Cakes and Captions for Birthday Cakes. We hope you found the perfect one for you.

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Now go share your birthday cake photo!

Let us know if there is a caption on birthday cakes that we missed and we will add it.

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