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100 Funny Boat Puns for When You are Aboat to Get on the Water

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We think that when it comes to boat puns, funny ones are the best, so we have put together a list of all the best funny boat puns for when you are ready to smile. We have also included the best yacht puns, ship puns and sailing puns for your time on the water.

So if you are looking for a funny boat pun to use as a caption for Instagram, you will find it here.

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Funny Boat Puns

Here are some of our favorite boat puns.

  • Buoy, these views are fin-tastic
  • Don’t give into pier pressure
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • You had me at boat
  • Felt cute. Might go seas the day
  • Having yachts of fun with you
  • Don’t rock the boat
  • Giving in to the pier pressure
  • It’s a-boat time we got on the water
Boat with funny boat puns
  • This weekend was knot too bad
  • Yeah buoy, we’re on a yacht!
  • This week I don’t give a ship
  • Oar-ed out of my mind
  • What’s this all a-boat?
  • Canoe imagine a more perfect day? Neither can I.
  • Just a fish out of water
  • Summer is never oh-fish-ially over
  • Forever in need of some vitamin sea
Boats on lake with boat lake puns
  • Don’t krill my vibe.
  • Oh ship, it’s a sea day
  • Hold on, I’m getting a bit em-ocean-al.
  • Last boat naut least.
  • Not salty about this situation
  • I like big buoys and I cannot lie
  • Definitely not salty about this view
  • Having a hull of a time
Boat with ship puns
  • What’s all the comm-ocean?
  • Weapon of mast destruction
  • Don’t be such a pain in the boat.
  • Having a reel good time with my besties
  • It’s a-boat time to go for a sail
  • One thing’s for shore, I otter-ly love the ocean.
  • A fine kettle of fish
Small boats on the ocean with a vitamin sea captions
  • Don’t be so stern
  • Partying like a lob-star
  • A salt weapon
  • I’m oar-ed out of my mind.
  • Just saying goodbye to my piers
  • Not the only fish in the sea
  • Do you like my ferry impressive boat?

Boat Puns for Instagram

Your followers will love these boat puns for Instagram.

  • That’s ferry impressive
  • Last but naut least
  • Where there’s a wave, there’s a way
  • It’s a-boat time we got to the lake
  • A stern talking to
  • Batten down the hatches
  • Take time to coast
  • I’m having yachts of fun
Boat with yacht puns
  • Some would say that I’m an aqua-holic
  • Water you looking at?
  • I like big boats and I cannot lie
  • Didn’t mean to barge in here
  • Wet-ever floats your boat.
  • Things are going quite swell
  • Mermaid to be in the sea
  • Sail-abrate good times, come on!
Sailboat with sailing puns
  • I ferry much love the ocean.
  • Well, plank you very much.
  • Taking the sea-nic route
  • It’s aboat time we all made it out on the water
  • Always yachts of fun with this crew
  • Kiss my mast
  • I’m super so-fish-ticated.
  • You can run but you can’t tide!
  • I’m knot shore if you noticed, but I’m on a boat.
  • My milkshake brings all the buoys to the yard
Boats on a lake with boat pun captions that says giving in to the pier pressure
  • You can’t be crabby when you’re on a boat
  • Pain in the boat
  • A whale of a good time
  • Water under the bridge
  • Oh buoy, I’m not ready for summer to be over yet
  • You are so boat-iful to me…
boat with cute captions for boat puns
  • I have very Pacific taste
  • Seriously, your jokes are keeling me.
  • Take the wind out of his sails
  • Loving this ferry-tail ending

Short Puns About Boats

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  • Just call salt
  • Boat hair, don’t care
  • I love you a yacht
  • Off the hook
  • Dead in the water
  • Shipfaced
  • No Ship, Sherlock
  • Ship happens
  • Yachts of fun
Boat with funny nautical puns
  • B’Yacht’ch
  • I’m o-fish-aly ready.
  • What’s up, dock?
  • Seas the day
  • Water you talking about?
  • What a boat-iful day today.
  • Stern, Baby Stern
A sail boat on the ocean with a funny boat captions that reads I live for taking the sea-nic route
  • Don’t be so shellfish.
  • Knot too shabby
  • What’s this all aboat?
  • It’s salt good
  • No ship, Sherlock.
  • Tis the sea-son.

Funny Boat Captions

Check out these funny boat captions from our full list of Boat Captions.

  • Long weekends and living the boat life
  • Floating into the weekend
  • Messy buns and boat days
  • Some people are boat people. I am one of those people.
  • Life is better on the boat
  • The boat is calling. I must go.
Back of a boat, a lake and trees with a boat captions that reads whatever floats your boat
  • Weekend forecast: 100% chance of boating
  • On cruise mode
  • Gone boating
  • Eat. Sleep. Boat. Repeat.
  • You bring the boat and I’ll bring the bubbles
  • Floatin’ along
  • Boat, lake, sunset, perfect
A small boat on the beach with dark clouds behind and a boat instagram captions that reads the boat is calling. I must go.
  • Keep calm and boat on
  • Live. Love. Boat. Lake.
  • Let’s sail away into forever
  • Come sail away with me
  • Decided to let my dreams set sail
  • If your ship doesn’t come in, sail out to meet it

Funny Boat Quotes for Instagram Captions

Here are our favorite short funny boat quotes for Instagram. Check out our list of Short Quotes for more, and if you like funny quotes and sayings you should also check out our lists of Short Funny Quotes, Funny Good Morning QuotesFunny Love QuotesFunny Work QuotesFunny Quotes of the DayFunny Quotes About Life and Funny Inspirational Quotes.

“I want a boat that drinks six, eats four, and sleeps two.” – Ernest K. Gann

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out and meet it.” ― Jonathan Winters

“For the ocean is big and my boat is small. Find the courage.” – Alanis Morissette

“Boats, like whiskey, are all good.” – R. D. Culler

“A boat is like a magic world, like a little island.” – Renzo Piano

“Don’t bring an anchor, on a sinking boat.” – Anthony Liccione

Old boat on ocean with funny boat quotes by Liccione

“At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.” – Robin Lee Graham

“The only ship you can truly steer in this ocean is the one you’re sailing.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

“You haven’t lived until you’ve sailed.” ― David Sedaris

“The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails.” ― Joshua Slocum

“Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring… ‘How to Build a Boat.’” – Steven Wright

Boat on calm water at sunset with boat quotes by Jimmy Buffet

“This boat that we just built is just fine; And don’t try to tell us it’s not; The sides and the back are divine;

It’s the bottom I guess we forgot.” ― Shel Silverstein

“I’ve always believed that a goal in life is not to own a boat but have a friend with a boat.” – Christie Hefner

“There are a lot of mysterious things about boats, such as why anyone would get on one voluntarily.” – P. J. O’Rourke

“If you boat a lot, you’re known as a boating enthusiast. I like to boat, but I just don’t want to ever be referred to as a boating enthusiast.” – Mitch Hedberg

“The love boat has crashed against the everyday.” – Vladimir Mayakovsky

Boat with funny yacht Instagram quotes by Roth

“There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting, and enslaving than the life at sea.” ― Joseph Conrad

“It isn’t that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.” – Francis Drake

“Life without a defined purpose is similar to a boat without a crew in the middle of the ocean.” – Debasish Mridha

“My escape is to just get in a boat and disappear on the water.” – Carl Hiaasen

“If the boat started shaking, we stayed on course and didn’t lose focus. That made the difference.” – Sebastian Vettel

“I’m sailing! I’m sailing! I’m sailing!… I’m sailing! I’m sailing! I sail! I’m sailiiiiiing!” — Bob Wiley on What About Bob

So there you have it! Our list of puns about boats. Hopefully you found the perfect one for your boat photo.

Let us know if there are any funny puns on boats that we missed and we will add them.

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