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Egypt in my Nutshell

Quick disclaimer: these are merely our thoughts and opinions on some of the things we found noteworthy in Egypt and these views are in no way shared by the oppressed people of Tibet. Really the most important effect Islamic countries have on us is that Laynni ends up feeling like a slut whenever she wears […]

You Say Boat, I Say Ferry

Anxious and confused, frustrated but intrigued, grateful but embarrassed. Welcome to our Nuweiba – Aqaba ferry experience. Nearly the only way to get from Egypt to Jordan without flying. Had to be paid in $US, Dahab is by far the most common tourist stop before the ferry, yet none of Dahab’s 4 banks would even […]

I’ll See Your Laziness and Raise You a Nap

Dahab, on the Gulf of Aqaba, our final stop in Egypt. Lounging, diving, lounging, eating, lounging, reading, … well, you get the picture. But today’s story starts a little further back. Due to a variety of other plans not working out we eventually found ourselves on the sleeper train from Luxor to Cairo. A ten […]

When She Didn’t Have A Pot To Piss In

She emerged from the shrubbery with a pained grimace of disgust etched on her face. So far the Nile “bathrooms” were not living up to her greatest hopes. There was plenty of disgusting evidence proving we were not the first felucca to stop here for just such a purpose and privacy was minimal at best. […]

These Old Mango Shoes Feel Like Dancing

We eventually made it to Luxor after a 5 hr ride in a tiny taxi with a driver who, by the look on his face once in Luxor, and white panicky-horse eyes, he may have never driven outside his hometown let alone an unfamiliar city of 500,000 people. A dead giveaway was how he kept  […]

Black and White Deserts: Living in Harmony

Instead of backtracking through Alexandria and Cairo we decided to take the aptly named Desert Road, 420 km across, you guessed it, the desert, to Bahariya Oasis. There is no public transport and 4 x 4 is a must so we ended up spending one long confusing day basically receiving periodic updates from Kamin while […]

Donkeys and Deserts

From Cairo we took a comfortable train to Alexandria, Egypt’s 2nd largest city, which sits right on the Mediterranean. We only stopped for one night: nice corniche along the water, checked out Fort Qaitbey and then their famous library. That’s right, we traveled halfway around the world to see a library. Nice library though. Lotta […]

Cairo: Land of the Gods

Or does it actually translate to “Land of the Smoke-Belching Ladas”? Sure, it’s easy to bash Cairo because, let’s face it, the place isn’t exactly the definition of a model city. Traffic, people, smog, people, noise, people, etc. etc. But its volume of sights and attractions is also truly incredible. Around practically every corner is a stunning […]