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Morocco Norte

So, after my Surfstravaganza in Taghazout (under pressure I bet you’d be hard pressed to decide which of those two words I just made up) and not so surprising illness that followed, I dragged my weary self in to Agadir and onto a bus bound for giant chaotic Marrakesh, feeling not quite as nauseous yet […]

Surf Camp Confidential

As I rolled into town early one Sunday afternoon in a rickety local bus my mind turned from humorously optimistic visions of magically transforming myself into some fantastically talented surfing superstar to more immediate concerns, namely my somewhat less inspirational surroundings. At first glance Taghazout is a shabby little town dumped messily along the waterfront […]

The Lovely Janet Guide to Mirleft

Overview A messy little village spread haphazardly near a number of beaches and surrounded by spectacular cliffs, Mirleft is incessantly pounded by crashing waves and teems with young Moroccans playing football on the wet sand and occasionally squealing in strangely high-pitched voices. Surfers come for the uncrowded and largely untouched waves, the touring campervans for […]

Morocco – brought to you by the letter “T”

Search for Missing Glove Called Off Taroudant, Morocco – A Canadian man is in mourning today as authorities called an end to an exhaustive fifteen minute search for his missing glove. It had been last seen stuffed haphazardly into the pocket of his jacket while he rode a ramshackle rental bike around the outside of […]

In the Dextrous Hands of a Gentle Primate

After Skoura we made our way up the road to the Dades Gorge, one of the three most important gorges in my mind, along with the nearby Todra Gorge, which we had visited back in 2004, and the immortal Gorge “The Animal” Steele. We sat jammed into a large share taxi/van for the spectacular 27 […]

Morocco 2.0

The City Our long awaited return to Morocco finally arrived last weekend when we took a roundabout set of dirt cheap flights from Madeira to Lisbon, Lisbon to Madrid, then Madrid to Marrakesh. Marrakesh is home to a famous medina full of mad souqs and ancient traditions, some of which have been continuing virtually unchanged […]

The Unnecessary Excretion of Under-Stimulated Minds

As our trip draws to a close I’ll take this opportunity to pass along some miscellaneous tidbits we’ve learned, observed, and been the cause of along the way: The amount of liquid Laynni consumes is entirely dictated by the proximity and attractiveness of the nearest bathroom facilities. Needless to say, she’s usually thirsty. Ironically, while […]

Wait Up a Second, I Can’t Feel My Legs

The small village of Imlil was the setting-off point for our 3-day hike into the mountains. Fancying ourselves mildly energetic, yet not totally masochistic, we chose to attempt the 30 km hike through the Atlas mountains to Setti Fatma rather than climbing straight up Jebel Toubkal. The “relatively leisurely” (kiss my ass, Lonely Planet) hike […]

You Work That Snake Like a Pro, Mister

It was only a matter of time, and frankly I’m a bit surprised it took this long. That’s right, Laynni’s finally had her requisite insect-episode that seems common to all our trips. At least each time seems to vary as to type and location of bites. This time around we suspect bedbugs, probably from the […]

How Did I Get Sand In THERE?

Saturday night, 7:30, Fes bus station Karim carefully checks his hair and smoothes his moustache before casually making his way over toward the two marks just inside the entrance. His mind pieces together the clues quickly. Slightly confused, but they’ve been here before at least once, probably already have tickets. Trying to look sure of […]