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The Ugandan Times

Late Arrival Pays Ultimate Price Musanze, Rwanda – A horrified Rwandan woman suffered the shameful indignity of sitting next to a pair of mzungu on the bus to the Ugandan border Thursday. An unnamed source described the woman as “crestfallen” when she arrived at the matatu park and realized the only remaining seat would result […]

If My Momma Catches Me Doin’ Rwanda…

From Kigali we started a slow, deliberate journey that would eventually lead to three days of so-called “adventure travel” in the Congo. But first up, Musanze, the staging point for gorilla trekking in Rwanda and a place that sees tons of tourists, most of whom just zip in and out, spending only the minimum of […]

They’re Creepy and Djibouti

Answer: Djibouti! Djibouti! Djibouti! Question: How did your airplane buddy, Aune-Marie from Rwanda, respond when her husband asked about her flight?   Answer: Yes. Question: Does spending 7 hours in 40C heat in the Djibouti airport suck ass? After coming oh-so-close to landing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where we would then connect to our final […]