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Life on Cloud Tazara

The pair shuffle through the strangely tall wooden gate, relief etched on their faces like savage incontinence. They stop, slowly gazing around, taking in the shaded grounds, the rustic thatch huts and the glorious blue of the lake not so far off, not now. Shaking their head as though waking from a dream they push […]

Oh No, I Think I Stubbed My Zanzibar

Welcome to Zanzibar – not just a funny name, it’s hot and muggy too! Boy, hit the nail on the head there, Phil. We’re just kicking the tires on the rainy season now so the temps are ramping up, the clouds come and go with no rhyme or reason and when it does actually rain […]

Lushoto by Morning, Usambara by Night

With our epic Tanzanian safari now in the books we once again set our minds to onward travel, specifically to finding the best bus possible to take us the 5-8 hours (notice how the range gets wider and wider as we gradually catch on to the true extent of “African Time”?) to the quiet little […]

Safari! Break it down.

Tanzania, home of the Safari (Swahili for “journey”), Zanzibar (whose “zan” was hijacked to change Tanganyika to Tanzania back at independence in the 60’s) and Mt Kilimanjaro (whose iconic snowy peak just can’t wait to succumb to global warming). We plan to be all over the first two like body paint at Burning Man, and […]