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Billionaire Beachwalk

News and notes from our final week in Bali, split between two relatively upscale beaches – Seminyak: Ye of the Sunset, and Sanur: Ye of Impressive Sunrises, Should Ye Ever Manage to Get Out of Thine Bed Early Enough. Seminyak Splurged for a haircut in Seminyak at a place called The Billionaire’s Cut – a […]

Monkey Dances

After our long spell near Ubud the time finally came to start moving around again. Spending a month in Bali without a glimpse of the beach seems like it should almost be impossible, never mind wholly unnecessary. So, after a last few days enjoying our rice field villa we finally uprooted and moved the whole […]

Mango Lizard

Laynni’s parents, Lyle and Nadine, who you may remember from such prior adventures as Getting Pruned in the Galapagos Islands, Ring Shopping in Turkey, and The Hunt for Decent Coffee in Guatemala, arrived here in Bali last week. They have joined us in our villa (the previously discussed “Grouse House”), and seem to have taken […]

The Lovely Janet Guide to Penestanan

Ubud is known far and wide as both the cultural heart of Bali and the most reliable producer of frighteningly large penis key chains (most vendors also sell comically large penis bottle openers, but that’s a whole different discussion). Penestanan, on the other hand, is merely a sleepy little suburb of its much more brazenly […]

Sit, Ubud, Sit.

On to the next stage of our Balinese adventure, renting a villa in Penestanan, where we can cut our daily restaurant visits down from 3+ to a more palatable 1.5. Other than not moving around as much, really our only other goal here is to do a lot of walking to prepare our feet and […]

The Devil’s Banana

After several days of soaking up the relaxed, almost sluggish, atmosphere of Ceningan it was time for a slight change of pace. So we packed up and embarked on the epic journey across the island, over the bridge, to the far west side of Lembongan to Mushroom Bay – an all-encompassing motorbike journey of roughly […]

Island Rider

After our quick diving adventure in Tulamben it was time for yet another change of pace, in this case downgrading to virtually zero pace. Unambitious, sure, but an ideal goal for a visit to Nusa Ceningan, a tiny speck of an island sitting off the coast of Bali and completely unfamiliar to us up until […]

Neoprene Liberty

October 8, 2000. A quiet, lonely beach on the far eastern coast of Bali. Two eager but slightly apprehensive scuba students follow a stick-thin German man with unsightly blonde dreadlocks and contrastingly bookish glasses as he strides carefully into the ocean. All three lumber along clumsily, burdened as they are by a bevy of scuba […]

The Rice Cock Wars

Following the urban chaos of Kuta we did an abrupt 180, travelling out to the rolling green rice fields of eastern Bali – roughly 2/3 of the way across the island yet only a simple drive of about an hour and a half. Gives you an idea of how small this place really is, although […]

Kuta Ink

Welcome to 2015, where what is old is new again, and where we are no longer new but yet again marginally older! Once again starting a long trip in Bali, in particularly backpacker mecca Kuta Beach, famous the world over for year-round surfing, all-night clubbing and possibly the most impressive range of knock-off surf wear […]