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The Guayabitos Gazette

Bringing you all the news and noteworthy happenings from the plains of Saskatchewan to the Pacific coast of Mexico… Holiday update Family forgoes peace and goodwill to man, opts for drunken gambling Martensville, SK – In a bold new initiative, the Johnston family decided against traditional holiday season activities of feeding the poor and door-to-door […]

Waskesiu: Could it be the Lost City of Atlantis?

No. Of course not. I mean, that is completely absurd. Why would you even think that? Anyway, with Saskatoon being Home #1, and Lago de Atitlán as Home #3, then I suppose that makes Waskesiu Home #2, or maybe #1.5, or maybe just the place I learned that drinking an entire 2 litre bottle of […]

The Phnom Penh of the Prairies

Well, we have hit the road again and just arrived in our favourite hangout spot – Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala – for another long, relaxing stay. As such, I figured it was time to dust off the old keyboard and start updating this blog thing again but, in lieu of having done anything of […]

The Saskatchewanian

Introduction As we approach five years of travel spending seven to eight months away each year, our time in Saskatchewan is beginning to feel more and more like simply another destination along the way, albeit one we return to more than any other. However, this growing distance seems to be empowering us with a developing […]