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Volcán Santiaguito

Road trip time! Or at least it was, like, three weeks ago. Hey, I never promised these entries would be prompt. Or if I did, I lied. Either way, in late January we decided to piggyback onto a brief excursion by some of our fellow Pasajcappers to check out the active volcano of Santiaguito, organized […]

Volcan Atitlán

Visit number eight. That’s right, this is the eighth time we have ventured down to Guatemala and settled into our “white studio with a view”, and the arrival at Lake Atitlán into the welcoming arms of the looming volcanoes is still just as exciting as the very first time. Maybe more so now, as we […]

Empty Nest Syndrome

February was all about being happy to be back, then sick for a while, then making up for lost time drinking, hiking and playing soccer. March was party month, with birthday celebrations coming fast and furious surrounding our first Atitlán Decathlon. Which brings us to April. For us it is a time for winding down, […]

Once, Twice, Three Times a Party

March at Pasaj-Cap was a month of birthday parties, of celebrations of semi-notable occurrences (i.e. a hummingbird nest) and of organized excursions almost exclusively limited to hikes or meals or, when everything really came together, hikes followed by meals. March also saw a lot of rum drank. You know what they say, “in like a […]


It has been just over a month now since we made it back to our home away from home on Lago de Atitlán in the Guatemalan highlands. Now, I’m not going to pretend it’s been an earth-shattering month full of bucket list adventures and wild shenanigans. Because that’s not really what this place is about […]

Diary of a Latin American Travel Day

Eventually the countdown reached zero and it was time to make our move south. Thanks to the reasonable yet still occasionally irritating rules that limit non-visa visitors to a mere 90 days in Guatemala we had, as you know, been cooling our heels in southern Mexico just waiting for our moment. That moment being exactly […]

Highlands Hiking

With our time winding down here in Guatemala yet again, it seems prudent to cover what we’ve been up to in our time since the heady days of Semana Santa. While in most of the northern hemisphere April means spring – unpredictable weather,  melting snow, dirty streets, the first flowers shyly poking up from the […]

Semana Santa (aka Holy Week, Holy Crowds)

Easter is a massive holiday across Latin America dominated by religious ceremonies, endless gatherings for Mass, holy processions and, of course, people frolicking to and fro on vacation like headless chickens. Headless chickens in their most presentable clothing, and often least presentable drunken behaviour. On Atitlán, in particular, Holy Week means the kids are out […]

Atitlán – What to Do?

Last time I covered all the different villages around Atitlán and discussed the pros and cons of making each your home base during a lake stay (i.e. rowdy trivia contests vs. full moon chanting sessions). Now, children, our topic is “hey, you’re here, now what?” You’ve got yourself a cheap room with a view of […]

Atitlán – Where to Stay?

Well, although it has been a while since my last post, not to worry, you haven’t missed much. I mean, sure, we’ve continued doing a couple hikes per week, some new ones, some same old, same old. Most nights we spend an hour or two at “Happy Hour” in the palapa above our apartment, joining […]