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Caye Caulker FAQ

Where is it? Just off the northern coast of Belize within a third base coach’s spitting distance of one of the nicest reefs in the world. If you picture Central America and Mexico as a plump female letter carrier, with Cozumel as her fleshy right arm, the Yucatan as the excess skin bubbling out of […]

I’m Only Happy When it Rains

The second week of our trip was earmarked for Placencia, a popular beach peninsula in Southern Belize known for sun, sand and apparently, although it isn’t the focus of any websites, old people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just seems that Placencia’s unique blend of nice beaches, good food, sensible accomodations and […]

Bringer of Rain

Well, it’s Friday and that means our Belize chapter is about to come to a close. This weekend we’ll be making our way home so we can show up for work on Monday morning rested, refreshed and ready to hate life all day. In case anybody is curious the rain still hasn’t let up except […]

Advice Needed

Dear Xaviera: A friend of mine recently did some sustained hiking while wearing only swimming trunks and no underwear. This resulted in some rather painful chafing, obvious loss of skin and some minor blood loss. How can he remedy this problem and get back to his normal carefree, swinging lifestyle? Rubbed Raw, Belize Dear Rubbed […]

Alcatraz Has Nothing On This Place

So, despite the impending doom you may have felt at the close of our last message, we did complete the rest of Shark Hole without incident. Eventually I got one of my flashlight beams working, we circumnavigated the cave with its amazing stalactites and saw 1/2 a huge nurse shark sticking out of a dark […]

Belizean Express

The Journey: Part I Summary: Transit point A to E (A = Andie’s car, D = Dangriga, E = Tobacco CayE) Characters: Protagonist – amphibiously handsome, red nose belies hidden agenda Sidekick – sharp hurtful wit, snappy dresser Conflict: Parallel universe increases power, kleenex supply runs low Resolution: Destination achieved, humidity raises pointy, yet attractive, […]