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An Historic Honduran Diary

So finally the time came to take our leave of beautiful Roatán, sad of hearts and loose of bowels, to start our long and winding journey back to the lake in Guatemala, our de facto “home” this winter. Here is a neat and tidy chronological account of said expedition: February 8 Casually made our way […]

What Happens on Roatan…

Comfortably ensconced on the sizeable couch, TV remote standing alertly by at one end, at the other a rather large dog stretched out flat on his back, legs spread and genitals bobbing to and fro, he couldn’t help but ponder how it could be that the longer they remained on this island paradise the shorter […]

Don’t Look Back in… Denial

Well, we finally made it home – safe, sound and cold. Not a lot to report from our last couple of days; we mostly took it easy, got ourselves mentally prepared to go home and then watched the final hours tick down. We did have a touch of excitement when in San Pedro Sula we […]

Hot ‘n Wet…the Weather, Unfortunately

Yeah, unfortunately, rain has been a major theme during our last week of travel abroad. Some brief showers in Livingston got the ball rolling, and from there it progressed steadily in Honduras, really picking up steam by the time we reached Utila. We got off the plane in the midst of a storm (that was […]