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Playing Out the String

Well, that about does it for our time in Nicaragua. After kicking it off in early April with some canyon scrambling up in Somoto we’ve enjoyed five great weeks of beaches (Corn Islands, Las Penitas, Ometepe), slightly crumbling colonial cities (Granada, Leon), sweating (all of the above) and crazy sweating (Laynni, in all of the […]

Four Hotels and an Arachnid

They step nimbly from the boat to the dock, quickly gazing around with the practiced eye of those routinely taken advantage of. Deep breaths as they exit the dock, quickly sucked into a vortex of expectant taxi drivers, their circling, predatory faces drawing closer with every carefully calculated rotation. “Altagracia!” “Santo Domingo!” “Merida!” The growling […]

Ahoy, Matey

We had hoped to leave the Corn Islands on the Monday but when we called the airline they informed us (and several other people we talked to) that the flight that morning was completely full. No problem, we’d go Tuesday. Monday morning we took the boat over to Great Corn with the idea of spending […]

Little Corn Gazette

Little Corn Gazette The Number One triennial periodical on Little Corn Island brings you all the news, sports and entertainment news from Nicaragua’s own slice of Caribbean paradise. Roach Death Toll Reaches Three Cabana #3, Sunrise Paradise – There is an escalating feeling of fear in the local cockroach community following the murder of yet […]


Fortified by a night of air-con and more greasy pizza than you’d find on the floor of a dorm room in a cheesy spring break movie, we embarked on a day we fully expected to involve considerably more pain than gain – trying to get all the way from San Miguel, El Salvador to Somoto, […]