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A Pleasure to Meet You, Prague

What an absolutely enjoyable two weeks we spent together. Why, thank you, random tourist, I’m glad you enjoyed us. Please, call me Dean. I’d rather not. Well, up to you, but I hope you don’t mind if I call you Praha, now that we’ve gotten to know each other and all. Do you speak Czech? […]

And then along the way we found…

As so often happens, our travel plans ended up barely recognizable from the original theme. In this case, what started out as an idea to settle into 2 or 3 long stays in Central Europe slowly morphed into something slightly more hectic, involving many more days spent finding, riding and memorizing directions to and from […]

Simply Budapest

Budapest, the Big Bood. Actually, as far as I can tell no one calls it that. Not sure why, it seems like a perfect fit. Anyway, after the comfortably moderate temperatures and timeworn beauty of Sicily we were ready for our first foray into Central Europe. Or is it South-Central Europe? The Eastern part of […]

A Sicilian Road Trip

Phase Two of our Sicilian expedition started in a small parking lot at the port of Trapani where we rented a tiny Citroen to get us around the island. Sicily could easily be considered either large or small depending on what you choose for comparison. Versus some of the tiny Cyclades in Greece, which can […]

Cefalù, etc.

Well, hello, Italy. It’s a pleasure to see you again. Although there are those out there who would say Sicily isn’t really Italy, or if it is, it’s a weird second cousin floating around way down there in the Mediterranean, far closer to Africa than Rome. Full of mafia, couscous and a convoluted historical mix […]

The Lovely Janet Guide to Santorini

The highlight of many Greek island itineraries, Santorini is the pinnacle of excitement for neophyte photographers and hobby geologists alike. It is also very popular with honeymooners, although not as popular as inaugural attempts to start a family, or anything to do with padded bed restraints. With physical attractions dating back millions of years, historical […]

Sifnos: Poseidon’s Big Toe

Wild nature and detailed organization – two things that rarely seem to go hand in hand. Which made the quiet and vastly underrated Greek island of Sifnos both rare and the absolute perfect match for these two strangely divergent obsessions of ours. Obviously, we love to hike. We’ve been doing it all over the world […]

Milos: Tell them Aphrodite sent you

It seems like every island has its little niche, the thing they use to (hopefully) distinguish themselves from all the other islands and convince enough tourists to drop in long enough to spend a few fistfuls of euros before moving on to the next. On Milos it’s the beaches. They have over 70, I’m told, […]

Folegandros: Come for the cliffs, stay for the goats

Island number two has been a regular nominee on a variety of different “best of” lists: Nicest villages in Europe, Hidden gems of the Greek Islands, Places that don’t skimp on the white paint under any circumstances so, yes, tiny Folegandros certainly came highly recommended. I mean, what is more exclusive than a list on […]

Naxos: Where Zeus Battled Colic

After years of talking about it we finally made it to the Greek islands. Going back over a decade these fascinating rocky, historic Mediterranean outposts has been on our list, but over and over they kept getting bumped for one reason or another. Usually because they aren’t really too close, geographically, to any of our […]