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Blimey! The Irrelevant English Weekly

Exuberant Camino Reunion Glosses Over Pain and Hardship April 15, 2013 Exeter, UK – The rose-coloured glasses were out in full force Monday when a group of friends who had met on the Camino de Santiago reconvened more than 5 months after completing the 800 kilometre trek across northern Spain. Despite the fact that the […]

Loitering and Lingering in London

The sun was already well up in the sky, the morning church bells on their second go round when he finally began to stir, eyes creaking open grudgingly like day old grilled cheese sandwiches. He ever so slowly sat up, pillow creases lining his face like the crumpled twenty in a hooker’s front pocket. He […]

London Calling

Another set of retro blogs from the fall/winter of 2010 – we started in London, then moved on to Africa for 3 months, then capped it off with New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta! After that, India, Nepal and, naturally, Scotland. Then, of course, London once more. London, England was the next stop in our […]