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A Sicilian Road Trip

Phase Two of our Sicilian expedition started in a small parking lot at the port of Trapani where we rented a tiny Citroen to get us around the island. Sicily could easily be considered either large or small depending on what you choose for comparison. Versus some of the tiny Cyclades in Greece, which can […]

Cefalù, etc.

Well, hello, Italy. It’s a pleasure to see you again. Although there are those out there who would say Sicily isn’t really Italy, or if it is, it’s a weird second cousin floating around way down there in the Mediterranean, far closer to Africa than Rome. Full of mafia, couscous and a convoluted historical mix […]

Bold and Italicized

After our whirlwind sprint through Croatia and subsequent overnight ferry ride from Dubrovnik to Bari, Italy, we received possibly our least formal greeting ever by a customs officer (not including the Nepali lieutenant I helped build a fort out of sofa cushions). Apparently finding the formality of the whole process disagreeable – the lining up, […]