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One Last Lisboner

For the third, and presumably final, time this winter we found ourselves wandering the manageable unpretentious streets of old Lisboa for just a single night. We haven’t stayed long but three separate visits has begun to breed a certain familiarity that I think is going to lead to a pleasant aftertaste and hopes of returning […]

Soccer, Hiking and my Love of Madeiran TV

Here we are, still in Madeira enjoying the slow pace of life and the constant and predictable weather. The last two days the wind has kicked up and the forecasted high has dropped like a rock from 20 to 18 and we can’t seem to take our eyes off the window and its views of […]

Return to Blue Madeira

We’re back, and sicker than ever! That’s right. Got a tickle in my throat on the plane across the pond and still haven’t been able to fully shake it. Can’t be for lack of sleep, getting plenty of that, both at night and in the form of afternoon naps. Could be how dry it is […]

Last Remnants of Madeira

Once again we’ve made our way home for the splendour of Christmas Capitalism, several feet of snow and -25 temps and all, just like always. Ugh. However, we did have a semi-eventful last week in Madeira full of everything from hiking to shopping to napping to driving to waiting angrily for trains to arrive and […]

Madeira – We’re Sort of Portuguese

Since my last entry we have continued to mostly let time pass us by unmolested here on Madeira, just relaxing and soaking in the slow pace of life and intermittent rains like dandelions at the back of yard. Tired, lazy dandelions. And I think it is safe to say we haven’t got up to anything […]

Madeiring Escape

For several days after finishing the Camino we felt strangely out of sorts, not quite sure what to do with ourselves without 25 to 35 kilometres stretched in front of us that needed to be covered using only the power of our feet and maybe a little old Radiohead for inspiration. Not to take anything […]