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Time For a Walk

I’m quickly rushing through this to provide a small update before we head out tomorrow morning to hike the Camino Del Norte, mainly because the sooner I finish the sooner we can pack up this netbook for safekeeping (also known as exposing it to the whims of the Spanish postal system). Since any belongings we […]

On the Road Again (Soon)

Well, it’s that time of year again. The summer has flown by, as it always seems to, and we find ourselves packing up our bins and getting to work on our annual carpet vacuuming. It’s been a great summer, as usual, with plenty of time spent up at Waskesiu, plenty of sports and, for me, […]

Sifnos: Poseidon’s Big Toe

Wild nature and detailed organization – two things that rarely seem to go hand in hand. Which made the quiet and vastly underrated Greek island of Sifnos both rare and the absolute perfect match for these two strangely divergent obsessions of ours. Obviously, we love to hike. We’ve been doing it all over the world […]

The Last Best Place

Is that even proper grammar? Old West grammar maybe. Nonetheless, that is what the state of Montana has chosen as their motto, so who am I to argue? In a fairly recent revelation, I decided that four months is far too long to spend in just one place. Well, technically three places, if you add […]

Your Kingdom for a Bowl of Cheese

The Kingdom of Happiness. Or so they claim. A bold proclamation, and one that certainly caught my full attention. Being inherently confrontational, and often uncontrollably contradictory, at some vaguely remembered point in time a few years back while reading some random – and I seem to recall rather bland – magazine article, in Wanderlust, I […]

Seeing Everest

Our first order of business upon arriving in Nepal was to prepare for our two-week Everest adventure. During past trips to Nepal we had hiked the Annapurna Circuit and to Annapurna Base Camp, with Everest each time losing out mainly over concerns about just how busy it gets, especially during high season (i.e. October). But […]

Just Another Pic on the Wall

We sat on our small plastic chairs outside in the atmospheric little alley, or hutong, and gaped at the young Chinese woman in astonishment, furiously trying to think of what she could possibly think we might want to do with the massive leg of mutton she was presenting in our direction. Not presenting with a […]

Kazakh Touring

Heading out west for a week-long tour through the Altai Mountains, our fourth day in Mongolia started with a relatively short (3 hrs) yet surprisingly annoying early morning flight (up at 4 am) to Olgii which set us back considerably in our quest for acclimating to our new time zone. We were met by our […]

Diary of an Alpine Crossing

Our main plan for the North Island was to complete the famously incredible, famously difficult, and famously weather-dependent Tongariro Alpine Crossing, one of the world’s most well-known day hikes, and also familiar as Mordor from the Lord of the Rings. With clouds, wind, rain and even snow all possibilities, we were checking the weather forecasts […]

New Zealand in Photos

Dunedin, the largest city we’d seen in NZ to that point, is famous as a university town full of “scarfies”, a term referring to the scarves they wear to alternately support their school teams and snap each other’s asses in the shower. It is even the title of an incredibly famous movie starring Taika Waititi, […]