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Are You For Scuba?

It briefly crossed my mind that my title was stupid but, as usual, I figured I’d stick with it anyway, even if, by my estimates, only 25% of people get the movie reference. I also figure that another 25% will think it sounds familiar even if they aren’t able to place it, another 25% will […]

The Devil’s Banana

After several days of soaking up the relaxed, almost sluggish, atmosphere of Ceningan it was time for a slight change of pace. So we packed up and embarked on the epic journey across the island, over the bridge, to the far west side of Lembongan to Mushroom Bay – an all-encompassing motorbike journey of roughly […]

Island Rider

After our quick diving adventure in Tulamben it was time for yet another change of pace, in this case downgrading to virtually zero pace. Unambitious, sure, but an ideal goal for a visit to Nusa Ceningan, a tiny speck of an island sitting off the coast of Bali and completely unfamiliar to us up until […]

Neoprene Liberty

October 8, 2000. A quiet, lonely beach on the far eastern coast of Bali. Two eager but slightly apprehensive scuba students follow a stick-thin German man with unsightly blonde dreadlocks and contrastingly bookish glasses as he strides carefully into the ocean. All three lumber along clumsily, burdened as they are by a bevy of scuba […]

What Happens on Roatan…

Comfortably ensconced on the sizeable couch, TV remote standing alertly by at one end, at the other a rather large dog stretched out flat on his back, legs spread and genitals bobbing to and fro, he couldn’t help but ponder how it could be that the longer they remained on this island paradise the shorter […]

Caye Caulker FAQ

Where is it? Just off the northern coast of Belize within a third base coach’s spitting distance of one of the nicest reefs in the world. If you picture Central America and Mexico as a plump female letter carrier, with Cozumel as her fleshy right arm, the Yucatan as the excess skin bubbling out of […]

Little Corn Gazette

Little Corn Gazette The Number One triennial periodical on Little Corn Island brings you all the news, sports and entertainment news from Nicaragua’s own slice of Caribbean paradise. Roach Death Toll Reaches Three Cabana #3, Sunrise Paradise – There is an escalating feeling of fear in the local cockroach community following the murder of yet […]

Egypt in my Nutshell

Quick disclaimer: these are merely our thoughts and opinions on some of the things we found noteworthy in Egypt and these views are in no way shared by the oppressed people of Tibet. Really the most important effect Islamic countries have on us is that Laynni ends up feeling like a slut whenever she wears […]

A Little Bahamas on Your Mind

A little late on the ol’ update but things have been kind of hectic since we got back late Saturday night. And the unfortunate part about free internet (at the South Beach Hostel, our home away from home in Miami) is that you can’t justify staying on it for long stretches at a time while […]

Hot ‘n Wet…the Weather, Unfortunately

Yeah, unfortunately, rain has been a major theme during our last week of travel abroad. Some brief showers in Livingston got the ball rolling, and from there it progressed steadily in Honduras, really picking up steam by the time we reached Utila. We got off the plane in the midst of a storm (that was […]