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The Big Hills of Bariloche

If El Chaltén is the hiking capital of Argentina, then Bariloche would have to be the vice-capital. The Biden to their Barack, if you will. Or the Andy to their Conan. Or the smartass black guy to the overweight white guy in any network sitcom. But that is, of course, just when it comes to […]

Taking in the Tango at the End of the World

Argentina, the second time around! Okay, now that I’ve gone to great, long-winded lengths to describe Antarctica in such painstaking and inconceivable detail, well, I think I’m kind of going to speed through Argentina, glossing over a lot of it and just focusing on the important things, such as meat (i.e. steak) and feet (i.e. […]

Lest the Streets be Paved with Dulce de Leche

Ah, finally we arrived in Buenos Aires to stay for longer than a couple hours loitering in a ferry terminal or outside the domestic airport among the hot dog vendors, or in the enormous bus station where we had it on good authority that nearly 50% of all passengers did not have anything stolen. But […]

I Love the Smell of Methane Gas in the Morning

Continuing on with our theme of random and illogical backtracking we took one final overnight bus (oh, we’re going to miss them like a Scottish sniper) from Puerto Madryn to Buenos Aires where once again we didn’t bother to stay the night, just sticking around long enough for some port empanadas roughly the same temperature […]

I’ll Take W(h)ales for $800, Alex

After enduring a technically successful, yet fairly torturous, journey that started in Puerto Natales in southern Chile and ended halfway up the Atlantic Coast of Argentina that included three separate buses and a total travel time of about 28 hours we found ourselves in the fairly large, modern city of Puerto Madryn. It is one […]

On Patagonia

Currently we sit in Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay, north across the river from Buenos Aires. Since our last entry we have traveled all the way from Puerto Iguazu (further north on the Brazilian border) way down south to the (very nearly) bottom of Argentina, west across into Chile, then back north and east halfway […]

I Think My Pants Are Hitting On Me

Our illustrious salt tour ended in rough and tumble town of Tupiza, just a few hours from the Argentine border and in the heart of rugged red rock country. Laynni was simply thrilled to be back in, as she put it, “two sheet territory”, which I assume means it was warm enough to sleep with […]