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I Think My Pants Are Hitting On Me

Our illustrious salt tour ended in rough and tumble town of Tupiza, just a few hours from the Argentine border and in the heart of rugged red rock country. Laynni was simply thrilled to be back in, as she put it, “two sheet territory”, which I assume means it was warm enough to sleep with […]

Would You Care For Fries With That Salt?

Feeling it was finally time to get active again, assuming, of course, that active means spending 8-12 hours per day in a bus or jeep coaxing along an ever-growing set of hemorrhoids, we hit the road south from La Paz, taking a night bus down to Uyuni. This dusty little railroad town has a nice […]

And in the Blue Corner…Yolanda!

So, as predicted lat time, we spent a whole lotta time taking advantage of the hammocks at our hotel in Rurrenabaque, watching smugly as group after group came and went after just one night. The general pattern went a bit like this: Arrive around 5 pm and step tentatively into the lobby Ask about vacancies […]

River of Golden Showers, er, Dreams

“Ooh yeeaaaaahhh! My god! That feels sooo gooood! Yes! Yes! Ye-“ “All right”, she rudely interrupted, “that’s enough, Dean, it’s my turn for the shower” Mmmmmm, nontoxic water… Three days earlier: We rolled out of bed, spry and perky, excited to embark on our next adventure – a three day bus and river jaunt that […]

Don’t Point Your Saltena at Me, Young Man

Although the tranquil little mountain town of Sorata wasn’t technically very far from Copacabana, getting there did involve some typical Bolivian complications. Starting with the fact that the road, the main road to La Paz I might add, actually cuts across a corner of Lake Titicaca. Now when I say “cuts across”, I don’t mean […]

Fashion and Science Meet at the Top of the World

Well, when I left off last time we had recently arrived on famous Lake Titicaca and were staying in the lakeside town of Copacabana. Most of you are probably familiar with that name from the song (Copa……Copa-ca-baaana…they’re the yada yada stone-age familyyyy! Or something like that). The song, however, is actually about a massive, gorgeous […]