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Urban Legends

As I find myself peering reflectively out the window of the Edén ship here in the Galapagos Islands, the bay of Puerto Ayora dotted with the lights of dozens of all manner of ocean craft, it occurs to me that I am currently engaging in no fewer than three creative firsts – writing while listening […]

Lakes and Islands

Well, as all things must do, our time in Argentina finally came to an end. Thankfully, I suppose, at least as far as our feet were concerned since, in case it wasn’t clear from the last entry, we spent the vast majority of our time in Argentina hiking. And eating large chunks of meat. But […]

On Patagonia

Currently we sit in Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay, north across the river from Buenos Aires. Since our last entry we have traveled all the way from Puerto Iguazu (further north on the Brazilian border) way down south to the (very nearly) bottom of Argentina, west across into Chile, then back north and east halfway […]