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And the Donkey Says, “Buck up, Sweet Pea”

Well, with our Inca Trail adventure finally in the rear view mirror we took the train back to Cuzco where we spent a couple days in hiking detox – namely sleeping, watching TV and spending countless hours trying to repair / recover / revive our numerous failing electronic devices. When everything is working they are […]

The Making of…the Inca Trail

A four day epic that follows the trials and tribulations of a group of 16 English-speaking misfits as they make their way through the Andes in search of the iconic Inca city of Macchu Picchu. Starring Dean “One Pair Of Pants” Johnston and Laynni “My Hair Is Only Sort Of Greasy” Locke     Director […]

Treading in the Footsteps of Ancients, and Laynni

Well, it’s that time again, we’re back on the road, this time to South America, which is completely new territory for us. Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina are on the agenda, all Spanish speaking countries which should make things a little easier. Can’t wait to mangle that language in four new countries. As for the title of this blog […]