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German Euphoria!

Well, the final had basically nothing in common with the Germans’ dominant dismantling of Brazil in the semi-final but they still got the job done in the end. Tough loss for Argentina but at least a tiny silver lining for dejected Brazilians. Won’t do much for the embarrassed Brazilian team, though. Not the most exciting […]

Brazil concedes!

I fully expected a Brazilian bounce back, all out attack, what do you have to lose, let loose all that offensive talent, no-defense mentality, etc. Or just get worked over by an overrated Dutch side so that you have to hop a plane immediately or risk disemboweling at the hands of your former stalkers. Either […]

Drudgery, thy name is that game

Well, not exactly a whirlwind of action and excitement but the great thing about single knockout is that there has to be some drama at some point. So the Dutch got the penalty shootout they were looking for all afternoon but found they tempted fate one too many times. Obviously some questions will be asked, […]

What the hell, let’s make it 7.

Another typical day in Brasil 2014. Exactly as everyone predicted, the Germans went and completely dismantled the home team in front of all their screaming (then stunned, then crying, then eventually angry) fans, leaving no room for doubt in a 7-1 drubbing. I mean, without captain Thiago Silva back there marshalling the “defense” (the quotation […]

Krul to the Rescue!

The drama never ends in this World Cup. Was really looking forward to watching Arjen Robben weep like the little girl he plays like when they lost on penalties but, alas, no such luck. It’ll have to wait until Wednesday, I guess. Apparently the Uzbekistani referee (interesting choice, that, did Howard Webb have a prior […]

Good News / Bad News Day for Brazil

Ecstatic and triumphant over the win, destroyed and demoralized by the loss of their talisman, best player and top underwear model. That is the story for the Brazilians today after putting in a strong performance in dispatching a difficult Colombian side then finding out Neymar is out for the rest of the World Cup with […]

Ask No Quarter

Sorry for the delay, been drinking fairly heavily up here at the lake. No time for updates and such. Anyway, it all went pretty much to plan for all the favourites the last couple days, except maybe for how hard they had to work. Every game looked like it could go either way for quite […]

Robbed! I mean, Robbened!

I can’t actually bring myself to talk about the level of disgust I have for yet another game being decided by Arjen Robben’s pathetic theatrics. He manages to leave the referee with no choice, since it is only in slow-motion that we can see that it was all complete bullshit. But apparently that’s the game […]

Chile Feels the Pain of a Full Brazilian

This is going to be fairly brief for a number of reasons: A) There were only two games today B) I’m at the lake C) I’ve been drinking for a number of hours Some high drama from Brazil and Chile today. I think most expected a pretty good run from the Chileans but were it […]

Momma Said Knock You Out – Round of 16 Preview

Finally, it’s time for true win or go home games. No more draws, no more we-can-lose-by-one-or-two-but-not-three, no more Portugal (sorry, that’s the last time I pick on them, I promise). Now here’s a quick primer on what to expect over the next 4 days, bearing in mind I am in no way qualified to judge these […]