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115 Perfectly Funny Baseball Captions

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We think that when it comes to baseball captions, funny ones are the best, so we gathered a list of some great funny baseball captions for when you are ready to share your next photo. We have also included the best funny baseball quotes for Instagram for when someone else has said it best first.

So if you are looking for a funny baseball caption for Instagram to make them smile, you will find it here. You might want to check out the list of funny baseball puns too.

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Now scroll through to find your favorite funny caption about baseball.

Funny Baseball Captions

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  • Not quite a record year, but we sure lit up the scoreboard.
  • Kinda busy I’ll be back after baseball season.
  • Do you think my skill levels will transfer from Wii Sports?
  • The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.
  • Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
  • One person practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.
  • Losers quit when they’re tired. Winners quit when they’ve won.
  • Time spent watching baseball is never wasted.
  • Life is better at the ballpark.
  • A game so fine it’s played on a diamond.
  • Life begins when the season starts.
  • Why are baseball games at night? The bats sleep during the day.
  • It doesn’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.
  • It’s a sliding-into-home kind of day.
  • 4 Bases, 3 Outs, 2 Teams, 1 Winner.
Catcher with funny baseball captions
  • Sorry, I was not listening. I was thinking about baseball.
  • Defense wins championships. Offense sells tickets.
  • I love baseball. No, if’s, and’s, or bunts.
  • Defense wins championships, offense sells tickets.
  • The other sports are just sports. Baseball is love.
  • On the field is where I spend most of my days.
  • When life gives you, bad hops make great plays.
  • If you didn’t get dirty, you didn’t play.
  • Some see a therapist. I play baseball.
  • Play every game like it’s game 7.
  • If there is no baseball in heaven… I’m not going.
  • Happiness is a day at the baseball field.
  • You had me at baseball.
Baseball glove with baseball captions funny
  • Gone playing baseball, be back never.
  • My love for baseball grows each and every day.
  • We are having major league fun.
  • I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally – I’m just at the baseball field.
  • Stressed, blessed, baseball-obsessed.
  • Sports are the reason I am out of shape. I watch them all on TV.
  • You can sum up this sport in two words: You never know.
  • Born to play baseball. Forced to work.
  • I’d rather be playing baseball.
  • Life is short. Play baseball.
  • Winning isn’t everything, but wanting it is.
Sport balls with motivational sports captions about winning
  • Baseball is not a game but a way of life.
  • Don’t worry, play baseball.
  • Play hard or don’t play at all.
  • The ball game isn’t over until it’s over.
  • Keep calm because it’s game day!
  • If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.
  • Just play ball. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
  • If I am not playing baseball. I am dreaming about it.
  • If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.
  • Champions keep playing until they get it right.
  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
  • The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.
  • A bad day of baseball is better than a good day of work.
  • Life isn’t all about baseball, but it should be.
  • Winners in life don’t always win; they just don’t give up.
  • Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself.
  • Summer days and double plays.
  • Looking at the ball going over the fence isn’t going to help.

Funny Baseball Instagram Captions

Your followers will love these funny baseball captions for Instagram.

  • Weekend Forecast: Baseball.
  • Baseball doesn’t build character, it reveals it.
  • The most important pitch is the next one.
  • Happiness is a day at the baseball field.
  • Take me out to the ball game.
  • When life gives you bad hops make great plays.
  • Where’s home? Take three lefts. Can’t miss it.
  • Sometimes I hate life but I don’t give up on it because of baseball.
  • If you aren’t watching baseball, you are missing out.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness…. But it buys game tickets.
  • Baseball is not a game. It’s a way of life.
  • Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.
  • Eat, sleep, baseball, repeat.
Baseballs with funny baseball Instagram captions
  • I got 99 problems, but a pitch ain’t one.
  • Baseball is the hardest of all sports. You’re trying to hit a round ball with a round bat squarely.
  • No grass stains, no glory, No bruises, no story.
  • If baseball was easy it would be called golf.
  • I don’t need therapy. I just need to watch my kid play baseball.
  • Behind every great ball player is a great baseball mom.
  • Good players inspire themselves, great players inspire others.
  • No grass stains, no glory, no bruises, no story.
  • Go ahead, swing and miss. Mom still loves you.
  • Weekend forecast: Baseball
  • A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.
  • We are having major league fun.
  • Baseball withdrawal is real.
  • I never stop thinking about baseball.
  • Concession stand squad.
  • Life’s like a 3-1 count.
  • Baseball is not a game, it’s an attitude.
  • It’s about playing, catching, and throwing strikes.
  • Yes, I speak fluent baseball.
Batter with funny baseball captions for Instagram
  • Practice perfect today. Play like a champion tomorrow.
  • Anytime is a good time to play baseball.
  • It is now a universal truth that actions speak louder than coaches.
  • All out, all game, all season.
  • Popcorn, hotdogs, and homeruns!
  • Hey batter batter, hey batter batter swing.
  • I was taught to hit and steal.

Short Funny Captions About Baseball

If you like these short funny captions about baseball, you can also head over to our list of Short Captions.

  • 3 up, 3 down.
  • I’m out of your league.
  • All I do is hit dingers.
  • Meet me at the field.
  • Life’s a pitch.
Pitcher with short funny captions about baseball
  • Baseball mode: ON.
  • Get in our league.
  • No place like home.
  • Game day!
  • Daily agenda: Baseball.
  • Homerun.
  • Catch ya later!
  • Let’s play ball.
  • Dirt and diamonds.
  • Swing batter, batter!
  • Refuse to lose.
  • Home sweet ballpark.
  • Swing for the fences.
Batter with short funny captions for baseball
  • Going, going, gone.
  • Get in our league.
  • You’re outta here.
  • Hit hard, run fast and turn left.
  • All about that base.
  • Baseball hair doesn’t care.
  • It’s game day y’all.
  • Live, love, baseball.
  • Four-bagger.
  • I’ve got some game.
  • Circus catch.
  • Bonus baby.
  • Cleanup hitter.
  • 6+4+3=2.
  • No excuses.
  • I go nuts for baseball butts.
  • I’d hit that.

Funny Baseball Puns

Check out these funny baseball puns that will make you smile.

  • Keep swinging that breeze feels great.
  • Baseball players have to stay in line or they will be afoul of the rules.
  • The only BS I need is baseball season.
  • Baseball is like church, many attend but few understand.
  • Which baseball player holds water? The pitcher!
  • You can’t hit what you can’t see.
  • What goes all the way around the baseball field but never moves? The fence.
  • A baseball pitcher asked if he had a good curveball, but wanted a straight answer.
  • Why is a baseball stadium the coolest place to be? Because it’s full of fans.
  • You’re like baseball: You make me all nervous and then nothing happens.
  • How do baseball players keep in touch? They touch base every once in a while.
  • Ok, strike that.
Batter with funny baseball puns
  • What did the baseball glove say to the ball? Catch ya later!
  • What a screwball…
  • Why does a pitcher raise one leg when he throws the ball? If he raised them both, he’d fall down.
  • What do you get when you cross a baseball player with a monster?… a doubleheader!
  • Why did the police officer go to the baseball game? Someone stole second base.
  • How is a baseball like a pancake?… They both need a good batter.
  • Did you hear the one about the fast pitch? Never mind. You just missed it.
  • Did you hear the joke about the pop fly? Forget it, it’s way over your head
  • Never hit a man with glasses, hit him with a baseball bat.
  • A man at a baseball game wondered why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger. Then it hit him.
  • Why did the Braves hire a baker? They needed a new batter.
  • You know I’m all about that base.

Short Funny Baseball Quotes for Instagram

Here are our favorite short funny baseball quotes for Instagram. You might also want to check out our full list of Short Quotes.

“You can be a kid for as long as you want when you play baseball.” – Cal Ripken Jr.

“If my uniform doesn’t get dirty, I haven’t done anything in the baseball game.” – Rickey Henderson

“The way to make coaches think you’re in shape in the spring is to get a tan.” — Whitey Ford

“Running a ball club is like raising kids who fall out of trees.” — Tom Trebelhorn

“If you get three strikes, even the best lawyer in the world can’t get you off.” — Bill Veeck

“Trying to sneak a pitch past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.” — Joe Adcock

“Ninety percent of this game is half mental.” — Yogi Berra

Baseball in the grass with short funny baseball quotes for Instagram by Berra

“There’s no crying in baseball!” — Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own

“It ain’t like football. You can’t make up no trick plays.” — Yogi Berra

“There ain’t much to being a ballplayer, if you’re a ballplayer.” — Honus Wagner

“Us ballplayers do things backward. First we play, then we retire and go to work.” — Charlie Gehringer

“Third ain’t so bad if nothin’ is hit to you.” — Yogi Berra

“When you start the game, they don’t say “Work ball!” They say “Play ball!”” — Willie Stargell

“Slump? I ain’t in no slump. I just ain’t hitting.” — Yogi Berra

“If you don’t succeed at first, try pitching.” — Jack Harshman

Pitcher iwth funny quotes for baseball by Jack Harshman

“The Hall of Fame is for baseball people. Heaven is for good people.” — Jim Dwyer

“Never save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain.” – Leo Durocher

“Baseball is, was, and always will be the best game in the world to me.” – Babe Ruth

“Pitching is the art of instilling fear.” – Sandy Koufax

“Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

Funny Baseball Instagram Quotes

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“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Babe Ruth

“Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer.” – Ted Williams

“There have been only two authentic geniuses in the world, Willie Mays and Willie Shakespeare.” — Tallulah Bankhead

“I didn’t mean to hit the umpire with the dirt, but I did mean to hit that bastard in the stands.” — Babe Ruth

“Bob Gibson is the luckiest pitcher I ever saw. He always pitches when the other team doesn’t score any runs.” — Tim McCarver

“The other teams could make trouble for us if they win.” — Yogi Berra

Glove and baseball with funny baseball Instagram quotes by Berra

“I think I throw the ball as hard as anyone. The ball just doesn’t get there as fast.” — Eddie Bane

“Well, it took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits in baseball, and I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.” — Hank Aaron

“You don’t realize how easy this game is until you get up in that broadcasting booth.” – Mickey Mantle

“There are two theories on hitting the knuckleball. Unfortunately, neither one of them works.” — Charlie Lau

“The way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until the ball stops rolling and then to pick it up.” — Bob Uecker

“Think! How the hell are you gonna think and hit at the same time?” — Yogi Berra

“A man once told me to walk with the Lord. I’d rather walk with the bases loaded.” — Ken Singleton

“Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.” — Yogi Berra

“The baseball mania has run its course. It has no future as a professional endeavor.” — Cincinnati Gazette editorial, 1879

“There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.” – Tommy Lasorda

“Fans don’t boo nobodies.” – Mr. October, Reggie Jackson

So that is our list of Funny Instagram Quotes for Baseball and Funny Captions for Baseball. We hope you found the perfect one for you.

Now go play some baseball!

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Let us know if there is a funny caption on baseball that we missed and we will add it.

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