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Best 125 Funny Easter Captions

Easter is one of the cutest holidays on the calendar. There’s the Easter bunny and his adorable basket, chocolate eggs in pastel colors and cute bunnies running around. Since we think that when it comes to Easter captions, funny ones are the best, we’ve rounded up all the best funny Easter captions.

So if you are looking for funny Easter Instagram captions about bunnies, egg hunts, chocolate and general Easter fun we have you covered.

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Check out our list of funny Easter puns and funny Easter quotes for Instagram for more inspiration.

Spice up your cute pictures with the help of these funny cute Easter captions.

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Jump ahead to the category you like best or scroll through to find your favorite funny caption for Easter.

Funny Easter Captions

Here are some of our favorite funny Easter captions.

Way too egg-cited about Easter!

Easter always puts a spring in my step.

Every bunny loves some bunny on Easter.

I’ve got the Easter Bunny on speed dial.

Why did the Easter egg hide? He was a little chicken.

How old is too old to join an Easter egg hunt? Asking for a friend…

Sign with bunny on it with funny Easter captions

Considering Easter as my excuse to have chocolate for every meal.

I was going to tell a joke about an Easter egg but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

I love Easter! What other holiday allows you to bite someone’s head off and have it be chocolate?

I’ve been a good egg this year.

Taking the egg-press lane to church today.

I feel hollow inside. Like this chocolate bunny.

I believe in having chocolate eggs for breakfast.

All my favorite holidays revolve around chocolate.

Without my Easter candy fix, I’d go off the Peep-end.

I’m very good at hiding chocolate eggs… in my stomach.

Do we really have to wait another 364 days for Easter again?!

Chocolate bunnies and red wine. What more could a girl want?

There’s nothing better than friends unless those friends have chocolate.

When life hands you lemons, throw it back and ask for chocolate bunnies instead.

Funny Easter Instagram Captions

Check out these clever funny Easter Instagram captions.

Feeling kinda bunny.

That’s all, yolks.

What’s up, Peeps?

Ears to a great Easter!

Old yolks can still have fun!

Let’s have a hoppin’ good time.

Feeling a little bit egg-stra today.

Baskets and Bunnies.

Hanging with my Peeps.

Living life in full bloom.

Too egg-cellent to ignore.

Decorated eggs with funny Easter Instagram captions

Cute chick.

I said a hip, hop.

Too hip to hop.

Egg hunt champion.

Shake your bunny tail.

Eggs… Prepare to dye.

To All The Bunnies I’ve Loved Before.

I carrot even with all these Easter posts.

Do you really need Easter as an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Clever Funny Easter Captions for Instagram

Consider the following clever funny Easter captions for Instagram. Then head to our list of Clever Captions for more.

Not decorating eggs this year? Yolk’s on you.

So egg-cited for brunch, it hurts!.

Every bunny was kung-fu fighting!

Lent is over. Where’s dessert?!

Happy to let spring do it’s thing.

April showers aren’t so bad with buds!

Sweet egg-scape.

Here comes Peter Cottontail!

Eggheads gotta stick together.

So glad I can finally come out of hibernation.

Pastel in head to toe.

Springtime fun and sugary treats.

Great egg-spectations for this spring!

Follow the bunny. He has chocolate!

Literally putting all my eggs in one basket.

Easter eggs with clever funny Easter captions for Instagram

A balanced Easter meal is chocolate in both hands.

If you like this caption head to our list of Chocolate Captions for more.

The amount of egg puns today is an absolute yolk.

Never put all your eggs in one basket…unless it’s Easter!

How do you get baby rabbits to clean up quickly on Easter? Feed them chocolate.

Whatever you say about Easter, I’ll celebrate anyone who can turn water into wine.

Short Funny Captions for Easter

These short funny captions for Easter will put a smile on your face. You might also like our list of Short Captions.

Hoppin’ into Easter like…

Hopped up on Easter candy!

It’s wabbit season.

Time for the bunny hop!

I’m having a good hare day.

Don’t worry, be hoppy.

Bunny and cake with short funny captions for Easter

Chocolate eggs are the best eggs.

Without you, I’d go off the Peep end.

I’m the cutest chick I know.

Bunny kisses > puppy kisses.

Chick magnet.

I carrot even.

For Peep’s sake!

Show me the bunny.

Hallelujah for creme eggs.

Some bunny needs chocolate.

Don’t be choco-late.

Chocolate balls with chocolate puns

Here’s to a hoppin’ good spring!

Full bloom.

Hip hop hooray!

I carrot wait for this Easter brunch!

Cute Funny Captions About Easter

These cute funny captions about Easter are worth checking out, then head to our list of Cute Captions for more.

A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.

I’ve hidden all the Easter candy for the kids inside my stomach.

I love Easter! When else can you bite someone’s head off and have it be chocolate?

Chocolate bunnies are the answer, who cares what the question is.

I’ll celebrate anyone who can turn water into wine.

Cottontail cutie.

(Cad)bury me in chocolate.

Dyed eggs, full heart, can’t lose.

Easter eggs with cute funny captions about Easter

You’re my favorite honey bunny.

Can anybody find me somebunny to love?

Who needs spring flowers when I have you?

Here’s to sunshine, springtime, and pretty eggs.

I see spring in your smile and sunshine in your eyes.

Dying to dig into my Easter candy!

Chick out these beautiful Easter eggs!

Hopped on over for some Easter fun.

Ears hopping you have a lovely Easter.

Easter is my excuse to eat chocolate all day.

This Easter, we were giggling from tail to toe.

Attention! Important message! Peep this cute Easter outfit.

Funny Happy Easter Captions

Find some of the best funny happy Easter captions in the list below then head to our list of Happy Captions.

Happy Easter to all my peeps.

Happy Easter to a good egg!

Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

Hoppy Easter!

May you find all the chocolate this Easter.

Easter cupcakes with funny happy Easter captions

Wishing you an Easter filled with love, light, and loads of solid chocolate bunnies.

Wishing you the hoppiest Easter today.

Ears hoping you have a Hoppy Easter!

May you have a Hoppy Easter.

Funny Easter Captions for Couples

You’ll love this list of funny Easter captions for couples. You might also love our list of Funny Captions for Couples.

Your kisses are to dye for.

There’s no bunny like you.

You might not carrot all, but you’re irresistible!

Eggs love you very much.

Let’s live hoppily ever after.

Bunny and cake with short funny captions for Easter

You make me egg-static.

You and I are like two Peeps in a pod!

Some bunny likes Easter.

I would hop to the end of the world for you.

Funny Easter Bunny Captions

Enjoy these funny Easter bunny captions.

The Easter Bunny cracks me up.

Every bunny was kung fu fighting.

The Easter Bunny must get a lot of eggs-ercise.

I carrot wait for the Easter Bunny.

Carrot held in air with funny Easter bunny caption

Some-bunny needs a mimosa.

Hop on over, honey bunny.

Can anybody find me some-bunny to love?

Now he’s just some bunny that I used to know.

No bunny but you.

Bunny, I’m home!

 It’s a little bit bunny, this feeling inside…

When it comes to delivering sweetness, the Easter Bunny’s got nothin’ on you!

Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate.

All you need is love and a chocolate bunny.

No bunny loves you like I do.

Bunny kisses, Easter wishes.

Funny Egg Hunt Captions

Have a good laugh with these funny egg hunt captions.

Quite literally putting all my eggs in one basket.

How do I like my eggs? Cadbury.

Easter eggs hunts: Proof your child can find things when they really want to.

I’m egg-stremely ready for this egg hunt.

No eggs-cuses.

No bunny can stop me from finding all these eggs.

Colored eggs with funny easter egg hunt captions

Eggs-cuse me, but I think there’s an egg behind you.

Dyeing to know where all these eggs are hidden.

All the eggs have been found, so I guess you could say, ‘That’s all, yolks.’

I’m eggs-hausted from looking for all these eggs.

What an egg-citing day to look for eggs.

I’m an eggs-pert Easter egg finder.

For Peep’s sake, where are all of these eggs?

On the hunt for chocolate.

I carrot wait to find all the Easter eggs.

What a hoppy day for an egg hunt.

Funny Easter Puns

These funny Easter puns will make you smile.

I carrot wait for Easter.

Ears to a great Easter.

I have so many egg puns, it’s not even bunny.

I need to eggs-ercise off all this chocolate.

Hope you have an egg-stra special Easter.

What an egg-citing day.

Have an egg-cellent Easter.

I’m eggs-hausted from all this fun.

Stop being so egg-stra.

Decorated eggs with funny Easter puns

I carrot believe it’s Easter.

Nobody’s too hip to hop on Easter!

I’m an Easter eggs-pert.

It’s officially Easter, let’s hop to it!

I’m so egg-cited and I just can’t hide it.

Fresh outta clucks.

This Easter dinner is egg-septional.

That’s cracking!

Funny Easter Quotes for Instagram

These funny Easter quotes for Instagram are perfect for your next post. Head to our full list of Funny Easter Quotes for more.

  • “There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.” — Linda Grayson
  • “The Easter bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig.” — Steve Carell
Bunny with short funny quotes about Easter by Carell
  • “A guy comes down to earth, takes your sins, dies, and comes back three days later. You believe in him and go to heaven forever. How do you get from that to Hide-The-Eggs? Did Jesus have a problem with eggs? Did he go, “When I come back, if I see any eggs, the whole salvation thing is off?” — Jon Stewart
  • “Golf is just the adult version of an Easter Egg Hunt.” — Unknown
  • “Easter is so disappointing. You suffer all the way through lent, and what do you get for it? A ham.” —  Garrison Keillor
  • “All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” — Charles M. Schulz
Chocolate squares and chocolate quotes for Instagram by Schulz
  • “Lent was invented so Catholics could take another shot at their New Year’s resolutions.” — Melanie White
  • “My favorite Catholic holiday is Easter. For those of you that don’t know, Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave and coming back to Earth as a rabbit that hides colored eggs.” — Adam Ferrara
  • “When you’re grown up you realize that it’s not the number of Easter eggs you find that’s important, but how many are dark chocolate.” – Melanie White
Easter eggs in carton
  • “Someone must X-ray my stomach to see if the Peeps I ate on Easter are still in there, intact and completely undigested. And I’m not talking about this past Easter. I’m talking about the last time I celebrated Easter, in 1962.” — Bill Maher
  • “That first Easter must have been awkward, because you know the apostles had already divided up Jesus’ stuff.” — William Ader

Funny Spring Captions

Easter is one of the best parts of spring and these are some of our favorites from our list of Funny Spring Captions.

  • All winters melt into spring
  • Honey bees and flowers, please
  • Spring: Warm today, cold tomorrow.
  • Hello blossom! Long time no see.
  • The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing
  • The best time for new beginnings is in spring
  • Keep calm & Go outside
  • Everything is springing to life!
Tulips with funny spring Instagram captions
  • April showers bring May flowers.
  • Spring has sprung, and a new life has begun
  • Welcome back Spring!
  • I’ve got some Spring in my step.
  • Finally, it’s going to be a bright, bright, sun-shiny day.
  • Well, hello there, spring, I’ve missed you
  • Springtime sunshine.
  • Spring fever.
Flowers with short funny captions for spring
  • Spring is in the air…
  • Let your dreams bloom
  • Welcome spring
  • My soul speaks in flowers
  • Mother nature has the best box of crayons
  • Keep calm and put flowers in your life

So that’s our list! We hope we helped you find the ideal funny Easter Instagram caption you were looking for.

Please let us know in the comments if you have a favorite funny caption for Easter we missed.

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