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The 25 Best Mountain View Quotes

If you are looking for mountain view quotes you have come to the right place. Here we have gathered all the best  quotes about mountain views into one place. Spending time in the mountains is simultaneously calming and inspiring. These sayings about mountain views can be funny, descriptive, inspirational and can make you want to spend more time outside in the big hills.

We quit our jobs over 10 years ago and have been travelling ever since. Spending time hiking in the mountains is one of our favourite things to do. We have found that enjoying mountain views can be such an amazing experience that it can be difficult to describe accurately and capture that elusive feeling. This list of quotes on mountain views help us do just that.

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We have also paired our favourite mountain view quotes with some of our favourite photos from our time hiking in the Canadian Rockies, including links to our favourite hikes.

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Best Mountain View Quotes

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

“Stop staring at mountains. Climb them instead, yes, it’s a harder process but it will lead you to a better view.”

“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.”

– John Ruskin

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!”

– John Muir

Three mountain peaks reflected in a stream at sunrise with a mountain view quotes that reads how glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains
This sunrise spot for sunrise over the Three Sisters mountain is one of the best Canmore photo spots

“The climb speaks to our character, but the view, I think, to our souls.”

– Lori Lansens

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.”

 – David McCullough Jr.

“Mountains are the beginning and end of all natural scenery.”

– John Ruskin

“The mountain remains unmoved at seeming defeat by the mist.”

 – Rabindranath Tagore

“Although I deeply love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty.”

– Victoria Erikson

“Only mountains can feel the frozen warmth of the sun through snow’s gentle caress on their peaks.”

– Munia Khan

Chester Lake is one of the best easy Kananaskis hikes

“Always be thankful for the little things… even the smallest mountains can hide the most breathtaking views!”

 – Nyki Mack

“This mountain, the arched back of the earth risen before us, it made me feel humble, like a beggar, just lucky to be here at all, even briefly.”

– Bridget Asher

“Although I deeply love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty.”

– Victoria Erikson

“There’s a world out there, and you’ve got to look at both sides of the mountain in your lifetime.”

 – Bill Janklow

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.”

– Edward Abbey

“Tis distance lends enchantment to the view, and robes the mountain in its azure hue.”

– Thomas Campbell

“And if these mountains had eyes, they would wake to find two strangers in their fences, standing in admiration as a breathing red pours its tinge upon earth’s shore. These mountains, which have seen untold sunrises, long to thunder praise but stand reverent, silent so that man’s weak praise should be given God’s attention.”

– Donald Miller

“The lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world.”

– Georges Simenon

“I love to sit on a mountain top and gaze. I don’t think of anything but the people I care about and the view.”

– Julian Lennon

A sharp mountain over two alpine lakes with a mountain view quote that reads I love to sit on a mountain top and gaze, I don't think of anything but the people I care about and the view
Smutwood Peak is one of the best hikes in the Canadian Rockies

“Sunrise over the mountain-forest was gorgeous – Aurora brushing out her golden tresses with a comb of dark-needled pine and bare-limbed oak.”

– J. Aleksandr Wootton

“Nature is my springboard. From her, I get my initial impetus. I have tried to relate the visible drama of mountains, trees, and bleached fields with the fantasy of wind blowing and changing colors and forms.”

– Milton Avery

“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.”

– Anatole France

View of a mountain and a turquoise lake with a moutain view quotes that reads if the path be beautiful let us not ask where it leads
The Big Beehive hike has an amazing view over Lake Louise and the surrounding mountains

“Oh, these vast, calm, measureless mountain days, days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us, God.”

 – John Muir

“What would be ugly in a garden constitutes beauty in a mountain.”

– Victor Hugo

“When hiking in the mountains the views make the incline worth every step.”

– Laynni Locke

And there you have it! Our list of the best quotes about mountain views. We hope you found one that spoke to you.

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Let us know in the comments below if we missed any mountain view quotes that should be added.

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