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My latest book – now online!

In Roam: The 9 Greatest Trips on Earth, I finally give my definitive answer to the question “What is your favourite place?” In fact, I have written up an entire list of the best trips we have ever done, all of which can be experienced in two weeks or less. Stories and anecdotes, of course, but also […]

The Big Ice : Antarctica Part II

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, the moment Laynni and my mom have been waiting for anyway. So, in the last entry I rambled somewhat incoherently from topic to topic, focusing mainly on life aboard the Sea Spirit, especially all the perks, benefits and preposterously large meals we ate three or more times […]

The Big Ice : Antarctica Part 1

A visit to Antarctica, the southernmost land mass on Earth (just a little info for those of you who consider geography to be one of those obscure things best left to professionals, like aerial acrobatics or using salad forks) is something that has always featured prominently on our master list of “things to do before […]