The Tour du Mont Blanc Costs and Prices

The Tour du Mont Blanc’s journey around its namesake mountain passes through France, Italy and Switzerland. So it ain’t cheap. But compared with travel in these countries’ most famous cities, the Tour du Mont Blanc costs really don’t seem that bad. Of course, what you actually spend will vary considerably depending on your accommodation choices and how much you like to splurge in restaurants when the opportunity arises. But I will provide a cost estimate based on what we spent, with info on the alternatives.

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Our Tour du Mont Blanc Costs

Accommodation and Sleeping

Of our 12 nights, only 2 were spent in what I would call real hotels, the outstanding Hotel Triolet (€77 for a double room including full breakfast) in Courmayeur and Chamonix Lodge (€66 for a double room including continental breakfast) in Chamonix (obviously). In these two main centres, we had to fend for our own dinner, which generally fell in the €10-20 per person range.

The rest of the time we stayed in dorms in gîtes, refugios or mountain huts. The price of these was per person and included both dinner and breakfast. The cost for us ranged from €42 at Gîte le Moulin in Les Frasserands to 79 CHF (€73) at Gîte Bon Abri in Champex-Lac (where we got attacked by bedbugs). The average price was roughly €50 per person.

Alternatively, many of the places we stayed also had a few private rooms for rent. There were normally only a couple of them, they tended to fill up fast and, on average, seemed to cost about €15-20 more per person.

Eating and Drinking

Then, most days, we also paid approximately €10 per person for a packed lunch. A few times there was a convenient grocery store where we could stock up and pack our own lunch (Les Contamines, Courmayeur, La Fouly, Champex-Lac), spending just €3-4 each instead.

Combal pack lunch

Even when we had pack lunches we still spent some money on snacks (nuts, chocolate bars, fruit) which probably averaged out to €2-3 per day each.

Tour du Mont Blanc Refuge and Restaurant Menus

These menus will give you an idea of the various costs for food, meals, drinks and snacks on the TMB.

You’ll be happy to know that beer (and wine) were readily available all along the trail, with a pint of generic lager or bottle of specialty beer usually in the €5-6 range, and bottles of Heineken and the like being a bit cheaper (€3-4). We didn’t really drink any wine so I can’t tell you what they cost, but it was probably as comparable to the beer prices as where you usually buy it.

How Much Will the Tour du Mont Blanc Cost You?

So, overall, how much it costs will be mainly determined by three factors:

  1. How many nights you spend on the trail
  2. Whether you stay in dorms or private rooms
  3. How much you eat and drink outside the included meals

While this is a far cry from notably cheap trekking destinations such as Nepal or Peru, it is certainly a reasonable amount to spend when travelling in Western Europe. Yes, you are sleeping in dorms for that price, and occasionally standing in line for a very short, lukewarm shower. But it is also worth keeping in mind that some of these places – the mountain huts, in particular – offer comparable views to those in the most expensive hotels in the Alps, which makes these prices look almost like a bargain.

A breakdown of the cost to hike the famous Tour du Mont Blanc:

Total Cost for 2 People

Accommodation €1,225

Food €355

Beer €120

Total €1,700

Cost per Person per Night

Accommodation €51

Food €15

Beer €5

Total €71

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