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Travel Blogs I Follow

Here are just a few of the many other travel blogs I try to keep up with. They run the gamut from unique takes on lesser-visited places to endlessly informative sources of travel information to simply entertaining, and occasionally even all three. Some of these literary travellers are good friends, while some were simply passing acquaintances in random locations around the world and we just happen to admire their site. Either way…

One-Way Ticket to Nepal

Aussies Pete and Emma gave us the idea for this page by doing the same on their excellent blog that chronicles their meandering journey across the globe following their recent marriage in Prague. We crossed paths with them in Mongolia and China, and although they did recently visit Nepal, the travels didn’t stop there and you’ll have to check out their blog to get the whole story. A lot of fantastic photography and some brilliant concept projects.

Slow Sally Goes to Guatemala

Canadian friends, Marc and Natalie, who we met at Lake Atitlán and, like us, return each year. Unlike us, they drive all the way down from Quebec with their dog in tow. Good stories from the road and some interesting takes on lake life in Guatemala.


We originally met Chris while cruising to Antarctica and have since met up again in Mongolia and Guatemala, and probably somewhere else just as unusual before long. His blog is intermittent but hilarious, and he is currently mulling a large variety of destinations and scuba diving locations, as well as attempting to lure naïve travellers into a surely uncomfortable journey through the ‘Stans.

Susan Shain

Susan is a traveller, writer and digital nomad. Her website is informative and varied focusing on everything from travel to packing lists to making a living from anywhere on the planet. She also has an ebook about seasonal work opportunities around the world.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin are professional bloggers and app designers who crossed paths with us in Guatemala a couple years back while continuing their digital nomad lifestyle around the globe. Their blog is one of the most informative and user-friendly travel sites we have ever seen, and makes a great resource for any aspiring wanderer.

Everyday is a Saturday

We came to know Belgians Celine and Benjamin while hiking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, although their trek went on to include several additional days, a couple different peaks and a few more steep climbs than we were energetic enough to take on. They recently completed a compelling round-the-world trip that hit a vast array of intriguing destinations.

Emanuele Del Bufalo Photography

We shared a jeep with Emanuele on a 5-day trip of the Gobi desert and have kept in touch ever since. He is an outstanding and dedicated photographer with a real talent for finding amazing and unique shots. He recently returned to Italy following nearly 5 years abroad, and all I know is that anyone willing to carry 20 pounds of camera equipment up the side of a 100-metre sand dune is obviously committed to his craft.


“An adventure in retirement” follows two friends we originally got to know back home in Saskatchewan. They recently retired and their blog is an interesting mix of travel stories, sailing adventures and general thoughts on retirement and other topics.

Darkwood Travels

Henrik is a prolific Norwegian traveller who we also met in Antarctica. He has been chronicling his wide range of journeys through stories and photos for several years. A number of his destinations are still hovering near the top of our personal bucket lists.

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