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A 3-Minute Camino de Santiago Video

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Our entire Camino de Santiago video, condensed into a manageable 3 minutes of clips. Some of the magic, none of the pain!

I had hoped to have this ready right after we finished hiking but the small netbook we had taken on this trip simply wasn’t up to the task. Better late than never, here is a short glimpse of the entire route – the Camino del Norte along the coast for 3 weeks, then inland to Oviedo and 10 days on the Camino Primitivo, from there back to the Norte for the final few days into Santiago and, after some brief rest and celebration, continuing on to hike a portion of the Camino Finisterre to Muxia. 6 weeks shrunk down to 3 minutes of short video clips. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “A 3-Minute Camino de Santiago Video”

  1. This is my kind of Camino, I get to see it, but with none of the pain. Everyone I speak to said it was unforgettable, but they’d never do it again. What’s your summary?

    1. Unforgettable, and difficult, but I’d do one every year if there weren’t so many other places I want to go to every year. I think one important part is to have enough time so yeah u don’t need to rush and can take rest days or short days when the body fights back (or the mind). Everyone experiences it differently, though, so you never can tell. I would highly recommend giving one a shot, though.

        1. Definitely physically. But we are now quite used to long hikes, and are a bit more prepared for what to expect. Some people have a hard time adjusting to the daily grind of it. Everyone experiences it differently, however.

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