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Varanasi Coming Attractions!

Coming soon to Varanasi, home of the Ganges, the traditional ghat and the theory that there’s no festival like a nightly festival. The following trailers are brought to you by Kingfisher beer, negotiable prices and the letter Ƣ. Legend: Bold – Movie title Regular – narrator < > Description of events [ ] Music ” […]

The Golden Triangle (non-Traci Lords version)

With Bundi finally in the books it was time to join the social world for a time again. We hopped a night train to Delhi (fairly comfortable, spurned the opportunity to get drunk on some clear mystery hooch with the guy in the bunk below me traveling with his mom) arrived at the oh so […]

An Ode to Bundi

After five nights in Udaipur we finally took our leave, heading east to the small, old city of Bundi. On the way we stopped off in a city called Chittor for a couple hours, which is famous for its massive fort complex, and a popular stop for tourists who are lucky enough to find themselves […]

Old Cattle Smell: A New Fragrance by Udaipur

After the hot, humid, languor of the south our plane ride north was predictably shocking to our system – cold, dry and so anally obsessed with safety. But stepping off the plane was just about as bad, the parched desert air sifting down to befoul our moist spoiled lungs like a dirt road on a […]

That’s FORT Cochin to you, young man

Having completed our third and final stop in Southern India, the sleepy historic neighbourhood of Fort Cochin in its beautiful location on the Arabian Sea, we feel we can now conclusively state that the people in Southern India, or least in the state of Kerala, are among the nicest and easiest to get along with […]

Afloat in Alleppey

So there you have it, we’ve actually moved. Literally “travelled” in India. By method other than direct taxi from the airport, I mean. Which finds us in Alleppey, or Allapuzha, as it has been officially renamed along with every other town in Southern India such as Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Chennai (formerly Madras) and the admittedly […]

Friendship is Shaking a Dead Fish

Sadly our time in Varkala is now winding down and by the time you read this we will probably be on some type of bus or train to Alleppey to experience the famous “Keralan Backwaters” – reputedly all the mosquitoes and laugh out loud “booters” you can handle. We really enjoyed our time here, very […]

Varkala: Week 3 and Counting

Time rolls on here in Varkala with us up to a whole lot of not much, with the occasional bout of very little, interspersed with a pinch of almost nothing every now and again. Sure, we went to the beach a few times, have gone for some walks here and there, played some cards, watched […]

The Term “Indian” Still Flies Down Here So Get Your Fill

We are truly loving it here in Varkala, and we’ve barely even spent any time on the beach yet. We usually start our days with a leisurely breakfast on the roof of the hotel gazing out upon Life in a Fishing Village. You can tell that the views used to include spectacular vistas of the […]

Varkala by Morning, Insects by Night

In a previously unprecedented turn of events, we start our story by announcing a new personal record – 5 consecutive flights, 3 different continents, 3 different airlines, no delays, no lost baggage, solid sleeping schedule and fantastically regular bowel movements. We were like those smiling half-wits you see in the airline magazines, thrilled to peeing […]