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The Random Triumvurate

Miscellaneous notes wrapping up Jordan, Syria and Lebanon: In Palmyra we experienced our first guilt trip from a cab driver. On our second day he caught up to us on the street and whined that we had promised him we’d go to the tombs with him, which of course we hadn’t. I thought he was […]

An Affair to Remember: Part II

So far our new relationship with Jordan had followed the usual pattern – at first it’s all new experiences (Wadi Rum) and crazy sex (Petra), but eventually things slow down and you have to meet the friends (Dana, Shobak), then the parents (Amman, the Dead Sea), then the novelty wears off and you realize the […]

An Affair to Remember: Part I

The Blind Date We arrived in Aqaba full of expectations and hope. Despite the mysteriously missing “u” it seemed like a clean, organized city, with surprising views of both Egypt and Israel. Coming off our rocky relationship with Egypt and all its highs and lows we were anxious to believe the hype about Jordan. Were […]

You Say Boat, I Say Ferry

Anxious and confused, frustrated but intrigued, grateful but embarrassed. Welcome to our Nuweiba – Aqaba ferry experience. Nearly the only way to get from Egypt to Jordan without flying. Had to be paid in $US, Dahab is by far the most common tourist stop before the ferry, yet none of Dahab’s 4 banks would even […]