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Tibetan Layover Marred By Girl’s Inconvenient Collapse A couple travelling from Chengdu, China to Kathmandu, Nepal were surprised to learn they would actually be exiting the plane in Lhasa, Tibet (China), giving them a brief opportunity to set foot on Tibetan soil, or at least some Tibetan all-purpose tile and a few Tibetan decorative carpets. […]

Seeing Everest

Our first order of business upon arriving in Nepal was to prepare for our two-week Everest adventure. During past trips to Nepal we had hiked the Annapurna Circuit and to Annapurna Base Camp, with Everest each time losing out mainly over concerns about just how busy it gets, especially during high season (i.e. October). But […]

Raining Rocks in Rupa Tal

Knowing we would be pretty low in the energy department following our big mountain hike we had made little to no plans for our last week in Nepal aside, of course, from eating copious amounts of home-type foods (lasagna, steak, pizza, ice cream) and sitting around as motionless as possible commenting every now and then […]

The Annapurna Morning Show!

with David and Maddie David: Our top story tonight, a Canadian couple in what friends describe as “barely passable” physical condition completed a nine day trek to Annapurna Base Camp today. The pair emerged through a steady rain at Birethanti fatigued but smiling after spending the past four days descending over 3,000 metres from the […]

Retro Nepal

Caught up might be a strong way to put it but here we are, finally talking about Nepal, where we’ve been ever since Mar 24 if you can believe it. Hey, as they say, deadlines are for newspaper columnists, celebrity gossip writers and funky smelling condoms. I’m free to be as lazy as I choose, […]

A Tale of Two Passengers

After a while flights all tend to just blend together. Yeah, there are always some strange booking issues, frustrating lines, numbing delays and the inevitable phenomenon where as soon as the plane stops moving and the seat belt light switches off with a triumphant “ping” the entire plane desperately jumps to their feet like they’ve […]

Just a Couple of Dweamers

The scene was set: the pleasant lakeside city of Pokhara, Nepal during Tihar, the Festival of Lights. Nevermind that the electricity was out for the fourth time that day and what was to have been the focus of the entire celebration, namely the lights, had been reduced to the dim glow of one fluorescent bulb, […]

Hiking: The Poor Man’s Driving

The mighty Himalayas, the reason we came to Nepal in the first place, renowned the world over for their towering peaks and outstanding trekking routes. Our biggest problem was choosing one trek out of all the options available. Everything from small day hikes to 3-4 week expeditions – we decided on 8-10 days figuring that […]

A Little Game She Likes To Call “Just The Tips”

Some quick-hit thoughts on our first week in Nepal: Although we haven’t actually seen it on any menus, based on a guy in Kathmandu’s backstreets your chicken preparation options include fried, roasted or lightly brazed with a blowtorch. Considering the Olympic crackdown in China it’s possible Nepal is now in the running for Spitting Capital […]