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Road Trip! Volume 2!

I guess to be truly accurate this wasn’t really just my second road trip ever. There have been many others over the years, from car camping in Banff to a frigid January drive down to Mexico to a group excursion to Delisle for licorice. Or maybe I dreamt that one. Either way, though, this most […]

The Last Best Place

Is that even proper grammar? Old West grammar maybe. Nonetheless, that is what the state of Montana has chosen as their motto, so who am I to argue? In a fairly recent revelation, I decided that four months is far too long to spend in just one place. Well, technically three places, if you add […]

The Happiest Place in… Anaheim?

After a brief couple weeks back home settling into the familiar and much-welcome routine of river walks, fast and painless internet surfing, watching sports on a TV that doesn’t require multiple boat trips to reach and unwise numbers of huge beer to enjoy properly and, best of all, flushing toilet paper down the toilet, we […]

Twelve Muggles and a Baby

There I found myself, typing away at our gigantic rented house in Orlando, toying with difficult choices such as another dip in the pool, lunch in the spacious kitchen, or possibly, and most likely, a nap. The gated community of Windsor Hills was where myself and twelve family members from Laynni’s side (affectionately known as […]

A Subway Kind of Thing

Over the course of a relatively manageable travel day we made our way from the sweltering humidity of Managua, through Atlanta, and on to the chilly temps and gale force winds of New York City where we were to spend a few days seeing the sights with my sister Andie and her boyfriend Mark. But […]

Fleeing the Scene on Route 15

After our short Christmas break – about 10 days for Laynni and about 3 weeks for me – it was time to hit the road yet again. Laynni had already flown to Mazatlan to meet up with her parents, Tahnni, Gordie and the kids. From there they drove up to LA, and it would be […]

Kauai: So Round You Won’t Believe It

By the time you get this we’ll be nearly home again. Two weeks just don’t go as far as they used to. Back when we were young two weeks was long enough for a person to visit six countries, solve a Third World sewage emergency and neuter an endangered species. All by bus. Anyway, the […]

The Garden Isle

His mind drifted in and out of consciousness, images springing forth unbidden, randomly reliving past moments in time. _________________________________________________________________________ The car bounces and shimmies over the rough dirt path. The smell of the ocean on the breeze suggests the beach is near. Out of the corner of her eye a slight movement pulls her attention […]

Thunder and Livestock

–         Camping and golfing in North Dakota ·         Theodore Roosevelt National Park – buffalo, antelope, sweeping badland vistas ·         Huge hailstorm in Medora – missed our tent but hammered the golf course ·         Got lost hiking in the North part of the park but eventually set up camp among the hoodoos

Through the Valley and Over the Mountain

·  Camped in town, broke our water bottle using it as a hammer (not indestructible after all) · Did a couple day hikes · Drove across the border to Many Glacier, hiked the Highline trail, incredible views, very cool lodge at top, served as our warm up for the main event · Did 4 day […]