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Made in Hong Kong

Well, we’ve been back in Canada for almost 2 weeks now, just long enough to visit Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert and Elk Ridge and get one Christmas finished up, another left to go on the more traditional dates. However, before that there was the small matter of our very first visit to the fascinating city/state […]

Just Another Pic on the Wall

We sat on our small plastic chairs outside in the atmospheric little alley, or hutong, and gaped at the young Chinese woman in astonishment, furiously trying to think of what she could possibly think we might want to do with the massive leg of mutton she was presenting in our direction. Not presenting with a […]

My Night on the Trans-Mongolian

When we got up it was cold and snowing. We thought the snow was kind of funny, but mostly because we were leaving. If we wanted to do other stuff I don’t think it would have been so funny. It’s not really my business but I think if Mongolia wanted more tourists they should try […]