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That Guy Smells Like Otto’s Jacket

So here we are, three stops down the road, sitting on the terrace of a riverbank bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I’m enjoying an Angkor draft, “The National Beer”, as Laynni flirts with sugar overload by bravely attacking her second Coke of the day. Of the day. We’ve carefully positioned ourselves to avoid being either […]

Has Vietnamese Idol Called Yet?

On to Nha Trang, Vietnam’s beach playground. We took a twelve hour night bus from Hoi An which had three rows of seats stacked two high sort of like a traveling dormitory and was overall pretty good except for a couple nagging details. The seats reclined nearly all the way for sleeping, with just a […]

Visions of Vietnam

Multiple shades of green. Deep verdant greens, luminescent greens, dull dirty greens. The grass, the fields, the trees, the rice paddies, the water, the reeds. My lip balm container. Incessant buzzing of motorbikes, honking of squeaky little horns. Every so often a loud, penetrating blast announces the uncommon passing of a truck or bus. Old […]

Next on Fox: “When Monkeys Attack!”

“That was the most frightening thing I’ve ever experienced”, breathed the young Englishman with a small shudder. The Setting:  Ha Long Bay, Northeast Vietnam, a small island in Cat Ba National Park known ominously as….Monkey Island…dum dum duuum. The Scene:  Feeling hot, lazy and ill-dressed for hiking Laynni and I lounged on the beach. Meanwhile […]